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Like a flame that burns in silence, like a perfume that rises straight upward without wavering, my love goes to Thee; and like the child who does not reason and has no care, I trust myself to Thee that Thy Will may be done, that Thy Light may manifest, Thy Peace radiate, Thy Love cover the world. - The Mother

March – April Sunday Activities at the Centre – A glimpse

March was a busy month in Sri Aurobindo Society Singapore. We had Dr. Anand Reddy and Deep Shikha didi from Pondicherry visiting us. With their help we had a series of special programmes in the center. This was kicked off with an evening of musical offering by Didi on 20thMarch, where she rendered several invocations and bhajans in her sweet melodious voice. It was a fitting start to the rest of the activities.  

March 21st and 22nd – Batam Trip: 

The trip to Batam, an Indonesian island near Singapore by ferry was organised by Sri Aurobindo Center, Singapore. We were a group of 27 people. The main “Ananda” in this spiritual retreat was Dr. Ananda Reddy and his wife Deepshika accompanied us. 

21st  March 

We were booked in a very comfortable resort Harris. We had lunch after arriving at 12 noon there. At 4PM we assembled in the conference room there, where we had a question and answer session beginning with Deepshika’s devotional music on the Mother. The questions ranged from “what is the aim of Life” to “what are the parameters to know our inner progress”? 

Dr. Ananda Reddy brought out the real essence of “What is Sri Aurobindo’s yoga and The Mother’s assurance that She will do our yoga. Our part is only to remember Her and surrender all our activities to Her.  

22nd March: 

The answers to the questions of our group continued on the 2nd day and the methods of meditation were given by Dr Ananda Reddy. The main takeaways were unless we get in touch with our Psychic being not much can be achieved in our sadhana. We are too engrossed in our outer life that we ignore the call of our psychic being. In the right kind of meditation, not the “slumber of consciousness” but a dynamic one calling the forces to descend on you rather than reaching them above. To call down the Forces and Peace, sitting down comfortably and quietly until the Peace settles in your heart which gives an unchanging “INNER SAMATA” and the Spiritual delight which are the parameters to know that you are in the right path. Our heartfelt thanks to Saurab, Preethi, K.V Rao, Shailaja and Anuvrat for everything so heavenly arranged! 

March 27th, 28th and 29thTalk by Dr. Ananda Reddy at our Sri Aurobindo center, Singapore: 

The first nectar of his talk to us was to read Life Divine and be a Sunlit Temple for the Divine in us. Divine can be perceived as a Creator, Judge, King, Father, and in Gita Lord Krishna addresses Arjuna as His friend. Even the perception of connection with the Lord has gone through an evolutionary process. Now it has taken the form of being a child to the Mother and surrender all our actions, thoughts and feelings to Her. She will take us through in the sadhana. She has made our journey so easy only if we are sincere in our aspiration! 

Dr. Ananda Reddy talked with a divine passion about his inner growth right from his young age being personally with the Mother. He could see Her as the incarnations of 4 powers, Mahalakshmi, Maheshwari, Mahakali and Mahasaraswati. He also related that now our aim in life should be shifted from leading a comfortable life to leading a Divine life. Mother is a transformative force, to help us evolve in our Consciousness. 

On the third day Dr. Ananda Reddy talked about what Sri Aurobindo says on the Rebirth and the soul’s journey in the intermediary worlds between Death and Rebirth. Fundamentally Sri Aurobindo says we are only antennae of the receivers from the different worlds even the disturbing feelings of jealousy or greed. Only getting connected to our Psychic being frees us from receiving all the unwanted “JUNK”. Now our journey to our own inner Psychic being feels like an Interstellar journey to a distant star! 

Dr. Ananda Reddy and Deepshika brought a new dynamic force to our kind of stagnant and shallow spirituality. Invocation songs sung so beautifully with deep devotion by Deepshika before every session gave us a peaceful mind cordoning of our routine thoughts to absorb Dr. Ananda Reddy’s valuable insights on how to lead a Divine Life! 

Our humble gratitude to both Dr. Ananda Reddy and Deepshika for making time for us!

 March 22nd and April 5th

Reading of the article on Mahakali and Mahalakshmi written by our dear Ramalakshmi in March and April Newsletter respectively. She has so beautifully shared her experience of how the images of Mahakali and Mahalakshmi have changed from her childhood days to now. Now she sees in the Mother, Mahakali who drives away all the fears and gives immense love for her children and Mahalakshmi who not only bestows the material wealth but also the joy of spiritual wealth.

Thank you, dear Ramalakshmi for sharing your experiences, the personal touch you have given really makes it an absorbing one!  

-          Shailaja, Jayalakshmi

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