Guiding Light of The Month

Let Thy Light be in me like a Fire that makes all alive; let Thy divine Love penetrate me. I aspire with all my being for Thy reign as sovereign and master of my mind and heart and body; let them be Thy docile instruments and Thy faithful servitors. - The Mother

Happy Birds Playfield!

(Image sourced from Internet)

Deeply hidden in Nature’s ways,
Are sweet little pearls of wisdom,
 Open but subtle books of secrets,
Treasures to grow a mystic heart.

Nature sings through her breeze,
And dances through her trees.
Journeys through her rivers,
And smiles through her flowers.

A flock of birds fly so high
Together in the blue sky,
Watching the little world below
Flapping their wings and gliding smoothly…
A natural sense of Harmony organizes them,
In their sense of togetherness.

Have you observed? They form a ‘V’
To me it says Victory,
A Victory of Harmony in their search Together.
A bead of wisdom Nature shows us,
Being an example herself.
The sky is indeed Happy Birds playfield!
-          Sandhya

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