Guiding Light of The Month

All is light, all is love, ignorance and egoism are but vain phantoms, they can be dissolved. And over all things spreads Thy sovereign peace, Thy fecund calmness. - The Mother


Mother of Delight
Of Love that moves the sun and stars!
She is the Rapture that quickens our inmost heart,
She is Beauty’s self that enthrals our earthly senses;
In her is the whole meaning of existence.

She has come down close and intimate to a humanity avid of joy;
She casts her noose of charm and captures us even by our weakness;
Her radiant smile transfigures a whole world of gloom and pain

Into an Abode of Bliss-
And we know not when have we transcended our human frailities
In our eagerness to contemplate her gracious form,
To kiss those glorious feet of hers
That trail the Dawn!
Hasten to welcome her, O heart, hasten!
Lest she turn away-
For she will not force herself,
Our adorable and shy Mother!
-          Nolini Kanta Gupta

(NoliniKantaGupta, ‘To The Heights, Vers Les Hauteurs’ , Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education, Pondicherry)

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