Guiding Light of The Month

O LORD, Thou art my refuge and my blessing, my strength, my health, my hope, and my courage. Thou art supreme Peace, unalloyed Joy, perfect Serenity. My whole being prostrates before Thee in a gratitude beyond measure and a ceaseless worship; and that worship goes up from my heart and my mind towards Thee like the pure smoke of incense of the perfumes of India. - The Mother

Reflections on the 4th of April 2010

Everyone who attended had a very solemn experience journeying through an hour-and-a-half- long programme, starting with readings from ‘Savitri’ and The Mother’s ‘Prayers and Meditations’.

The Vedic chanting of ‘Purusha Suktam’ and ‘Sri Suktam’ by Sri Krishnamurthy and Sri Ramanathan gave the listeners immense joy of feeling the PARAMA PURUSHA in their hearts where goddess Lakshmi resides to open the channels of love and devotion.

I perceive the ‘Durga Stotram’ by Sri Aurobindo to be a power-packed plea if chanted in real yearning, transforming us from Human to Divine.
‘Mother Awakens’ read by Smt. Sundari was very inspirational.

Bhajans by Smt. Padmini on Guru and The Divine Mother were a fitting finish to the sacred evening. The melodious music made us sway in ecstasy.
Overall, I felt the occasion was indeed a fertile moment to nurture the growth of God in us to transform our body, mind and the vital.
- Jayalakshmi

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