Guiding Light of The Month

WHY all this noise, all this movement, this vain and futile agitation; why this whirlwind carrying men away like a swarm of flies caught in a storm? How sad is the sight of all that wasted energy, all those useless efforts! When will they stop dancing like puppets on a string, pulled they know not by whom or what? When will they find time to sit quietly and go within, to recollect themselves and open that inner door which screens from them Thy priceless treasures, Thy infinite boons? - The Mother

My will is part of the eternal will

By perception does one first come to a certain conclusion and then one holds it by speech; only afterwards is it put into action. That perception for me is the one single authority.
My will is part of the eternal will,
My fate is what my spirit’
s strength can make,
My fate is what my spirit’
s strength can bear;
My strength is not the titan’
s, it is God’s

(A comparison of the Sanskrit text of ‘Savitri’ as in Mahabharatha and Savitri written by Sri Aurobindo. Sanskrit text extracted from ‘The Ancient tale of Savitri according to Mahabharata’, RY Deshpande, Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust, Puducherry)

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