Guiding Light of The Month

O Lord, how ardently do I call and implore Thy love! Grant that my aspiration may be intense enough to awaken the same aspiration everywhere: oh, may good- ness, justice and peace reign as supreme masters, may ignorant egoism be overcome, darkness be suddenly illu- minated by Thy pure Light; may the blind see, the deaf hear, may Thy law be proclaimed in every place and, in a constantly progressive union, in an ever more perfect harmony, may all, like one single being, stretch out their arms towards Thee to identify themselves with Thee and manifest Thee upon earth. - The Mother

Along the Way… May Walk Review (walk no 393)

It was 6th of May and we started off from our house to join the walk at East Coast Park. We eagerly await the first Sunday of the month, where we meet and greet our friends and start off the month with a pleasant mood.
As usual, we were greeted by the familiar smiling faces at the Park. It is this starting of the walk that really makes it a day. The most awaited walk in the park with a group of people who we feel are our own and to enjoy the beauty of the ever giving nature that is surrounding us, which we often take for granted.

We were greeted at the park by the host Shri Ashok Patel. We really missed Shri Kashyap uncle, who will soon be able to join us in the coming walks and Mr Ramanathan.

The moments that we cherish at the walk remain with us forever. I remember, in one of the walks at East Coast Park, sometime last year. It was drizzling, but Kashyap uncle was there with an umbrella in his hand and giving us the inspiration. Then we all started off with umbrella in our hands and we completed the walk.

We started off with a group of nine people, but later on were pleased to be joined by the family of four of Adi.

It was a sunny morning, and there were a few groups performing their activities and some other morning walkers who were enjoying and getting soaked in the morning Sun.

The sea was very near, with a few ships looking like they were stranded in the water. The Sun was above, the sea by the side and the sands were not too far. Obviously, such a pleasant atmosphere brings us to remember the beautiful lines from Savitri—not just lines, but Mantras:

“Along a path of aeons serpentine
In the coiled blackness of her nescient course          
 The Earth Goddess toils across the sands of Time”----Book I, Canto IV

It appeared to be a long stretch at the park, but not too long.
From Savitri----

“Above were the Immortal’s changeless seats
White chambers of dalliance with Eternity
And the stupendous gates of the Alone.
Across the unfolding of the seas of self
Appeared the deathless countries of the One”.—Book I, Canto V

With that pleasant mood, we made our way to uncle Patel’s house, where we were greeted with a warm welcome by all the members of the family and they were pleased to have all of us at their place for the splendid brunch, which was no less than a sumptuous lunch.

After the meditation, a few prayers were read and after the brunch and the closing meditation, we all started off to go back to our house, only to await the next month’s walk.

                                                                                                -Kiran Sule

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