Guiding Light of The Month

Grant, O Divine Teacher, that we may know and accomplish our mission upon earth better and better, more and more, that we may make full use of all the energies that are in us, and Thy sovereign Presence become manifest ever more perfectly in the silent depths of our soul, in all our thoughts, all our feelings, all our actions. - The Mother

Flowers Speak…

Will manifested in life

Concentrated and precise

Who laid on it the ceaseless will to live
A wanderer in this beautiful sorrowful world,
And bear its load of joy and grief and love?


Life energy

Powerful and manifold, meets all needs

Thy spirit’s strength shall make thee one with God,
Thy agony shall change to ecstasy,
Indifference deepen into infinity’
s calm
And joy laugh nude on the peaks of the Absolute.


Splendour and opulence in Material life

Can become widespread only through transformation

A Magician’s formulas have made Matter’s laws
And while they last, all things by them are bound:
But the Spirit’
s consent is needed for each act
And freedom walks in the same pace with Law.

(Flowers and Messages, Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust, Puducherry)

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