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THERE is a great difference between being in the midst of active work, of external action, while keeping one’s thought constantly fixed on Thee, and entering into that perfect union with Thee which leads to what I have called “absolute Consciousness, true Omniscience, Knowledge”. - The Mother

September - October Sunday Activities at the Centre- A glimpse

September 11th – Study of Secret of Veda:

The group completed the study of Sukta 2 of Mandala 1 of the Rig Veda based on Sri Aurobindo’s Secret of the Veda and Kapali Sastry’s Siddanjana.

September 18th – Musical Offering:

A musical performance by Shantanu Bhatacharya was offered.

September 25th – Study of Savitri:

We meditated on Mother’s extracts from Savitri Book I Canto IV in Meditations on Savitri.

October 2nd - Study of Secret of Veda:

The group began the study of Sukta 3 of Mandala 1 of the Rig Veda based on Sri Aurobindo’s Secret of the Veda and Kapali Sastry’s Siddanjana.


1.    O Riders of the steed, swift-footed, much enjoying, lords of enjoyment, take delights in the energies of the sacrifice.

2.    O Riders of the steed, male leaders effecting a manifold action, take joy of the words, O holders in the intellect, by a luminous energetic thought.

3.    I have piled the seat of sacrifice, I have pressed out the vigorous Soma-juices; fulfillers of action, powers of the movement, come to them with your fierce speed on the path.

4.    Come, O Indra of varied lusters, these pure delights extended by subtle powers yearn for thee.

5.    Come, O Indra, impelled by the Thought, driven forward by the illumined thinker, to my Soul-thoughts, I who have pressed out the Soma-juice and seek to express them in speech.

6.    Come, O Indra, lord of the horses, with a forceful speed to my soul-thoughts; hold firm for us the delight in the Soma-juice.

7.    Come, O All-Gods, fosterers, upholders of active men, you who apportion the Soma pressed out by the giver.

8.    Come fast, O All-Gods, speeding up the waters unto our Soma that is pressed, like cows their place of rest and repose.

9.    O All-Gods, you who are not assailed nor cause injury, free-moving in your forms of knowledge, cleave to my sacrifice as its upbearers.

10. May purifying Sarasvati with all the plentitudes of her forms of plenty, rich in substance by the thought, desire our sacrifice.

11. She, the impeller to happy truths, the awakener in consciousness to right mentalisings, Sarasvati, upholds the sacrifice.

12. Sarasvati by the perception awakens in consciousness the great flood (the vast movement of Ritam) and illumines entirely all the thoughts.

Translated by Sri Kapali Sastry and Sri M.P. Pandit

October 9th – Study of The Mother’s Questions and Answers:

Discussed, Questions and Answers from page no. 197 to 199

Q: What should be done to remember the Mother constantly? Should one repeat Her name, remember Her physical form or think or feel that She is the Divine? Is gratitude for the Divine a form of remembrance?

The Mother: Each one has their own way of remembering. Generalising how or what to do doesn’t make sense.

To remember, one must not forget!

Q: Can there be a collective form of discipline which is self imposed?

The Mother: There are 3 types of disciplines.
·         Group discipline: This discipline is formed when people form group and set rules. If one cannot follow, he/she can get out of the group.

So not self-imposed!

·         Discipline of Family Atavism: you are born into a family which inherits certain rules from the very past ancestors, not parents!

So not self-imposed!

·         Religious Discipline: Again you are born into a certain religion and have to follow the precepts the religion states. Most of the time people don’t dare to ask why and follow blindly the precepts like Words of Veda!

So again not self-imposed!

But one can get out of the above disciplines with strength and independence of character, to break through the group/family/ societal pressure of commotion and repercussion.

Mother’s answers made me understand that I too have no self-imposed discipline, all borrowed or born with!

-          Jared and Jayalakshmi

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