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THERE is a great difference between being in the midst of active work, of external action, while keeping one’s thought constantly fixed on Thee, and entering into that perfect union with Thee which leads to what I have called “absolute Consciousness, true Omniscience, Knowledge”. - The Mother

Along the Way… September 2016 Walk Review

The morning walk in September was at East Coast Park. This is the event of every month which we always look forward to.
East Coast Park which has a total land size of 185 hectares and which is built entirely on a reclaimed land, is one of Singapore's most treasured urban getaways. Its scenic coastline stretches over 15 km.
For a pleasant walk with our close friends, we normally look for flora and fauna. However why we should not expect the Sun and Sand in our sunny island? Exactly that is what we enjoyed on that beautiful Sunday.  Beautiful Sunday, because it is made beautiful by the presence of our close friends whom we are eager to meet and share our thoughts despite our busy schedule on rest of the days. We however deeply missed the regular ever young and energetic walker. You know whom I am referring to. Of Course, we missed Mr. Ramanathan.
After the warm up exercise, we started off for the morning walk on the pathways by the side of the sandy beach.
As mentioned, it was sunny and deep within the sand on the beach, we dived into the nostalgic past when we had a good chat with Mr. Krishnamurthy and Anand. There were a few tents that seemed to sprout on weekends. We could see the happy families just coming out of the tents, some with sleepy eyes after a beautiful night on the sandy beach.
Looking at the way the families were enjoying, we started talking about the past that we spent years back in our native towns. It reminded us of those good old days and how we lived the life despite so many difficulties of the time. Turn back the clock and we could see the families enjoying every festival together. There was no TV before 1972 in Mumbai and in the early days, even the radio had just come up. Look, those neighbors were happy to peep into the house to hear what was going on the radio. Those were the days that we enjoyed staying in a close community, sharing and caring.   We still can see all these values in many families. However the technology has taken us too far, so far that people can communicate just by tapping on the smart phones and not by expression.
The morning walk is not just a walk but it reminds us of the good things that we have lived. It lets us see the life in a different perspective, different than we see on all the days, immersing ourselves in busy life and looking forward to the next morning walk and the meditation.
As we walked and talked, we did not realise that we had covered 6.2 km in about 75 minutes. That is how the time can pass and we do not even feel the tiredness when we are in close company of our friends. It teaches us a very valuable lesson that we just have to accept it, contemplate and move on with the life.
After the walk, we had a warm welcome at Arjun’s house and we were treated to a delicious brunch.
The music was in tune with the atmosphere for the meditation. After immersing ourselves in the meditation, the beautiful prayers were read.  The birthdays were read out and could see the smile on the faces of all with exchanging the compliments.
We look forward to the next month’s walk and are eager to listen to the beautiful Bhajans from our dear Kashyap family.

- Kiran

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