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THERE is a great difference between being in the midst of active work, of external action, while keeping one’s thought constantly fixed on Thee, and entering into that perfect union with Thee which leads to what I have called “absolute Consciousness, true Omniscience, Knowledge”. - The Mother

From the Editor’s Desk (Nov 2016)

In this November issue, we continue with our exploration of the vital realm with a little focus on the quality of the vital in perpetuating the drama of life. The word ‘Drama’ has two connotations. One is that it is associated with a play for theatre or any media of communication and entertainment. By this definition, a drama is something that is not real- life acting itself out in the present but one that is imaginary or representative of what happens in life, revolving around specific characters and events. It is usually of high entertainment value because the audience as such is able to associate with the story, as it is always an expression or a showcase of one’s own life experiences. The second connotation of the word ‘Drama’ is that it is an “exciting, emotional, or unexpected event or circumstance”. 

One can build associations with the two connotations in some ways. What happens in life is often perceived as drama, as a play when one, in a state of detachment, steps back and surveys the unfolding events of life, watches them but does not get involved in them. That life is a play is a point of philosophical interest that can be put to the mind for contemplation. On the other hand, the events of life are often quite dramatic since the vital being in us is one of, “desires, impulses, force-pushes, emotions, sensations, seekings after life-fulfillment, possession and enjoyment … it is even capable of luxuriating in tears and suffering as part of the drama of life.” These aspects of the vital are given an airing in this newsletter and ways sought, of stabilizing the vital and giving it its true direction, given all its power and energy, and purpose, in order to place life on the path of   progress and elevate existence into heights of Light and Sublime expression.

In the realm of life, the forces of desire give the impetus for life to move or run on a certain track. All unfolds in our ordinary life because of the push of the forces of desire that seek to actualize one thing or the other that one desires for oneself. Such a pursuit, we may find, brings us on journeys of highs and lows, as a boat rides on turbulent waters. These highs and lows are part of the drama of life and there is a tendency to perpetuate this drama, as if this is the one purpose of the vital and nothing else.

However, if one is able to step back and watch the movements of life, one may be able to pose oneself a question, at one point, in time or space, or both, about the need for these movements, the purpose behind the recurring experiences in life, pleasant or unpleasant, lasting or not. One may then be moved to ask about the purpose of one’s existence here, on this earth at this point in time. These contemplations may lead one to take a different view of the power that is the vital and this immense power may be used for some sublime purpose than for the energies to be dissipated in dramatic episodes that we ourselves author and direct. It is said that once the vital is mastered, there is nothing that cannot be done. But it has to be submitted to the highest authority in order to achieve the highest. For this, it has to know its power and how to submit itself to a higher power or authority. In its normal movements, it often “complicates things and robs them of their “simplicity, their purity, often their beauty and their effectiveness.” The Mother says, “It should come to understand that this energy and power… cannot become useful unless it enters into perfect harmony with the divine plan of realization on earth.” May we begin at least the contemplation to offer the vital up for purification.

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