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O Lord, how ardently do I call and implore Thy love! Grant that my aspiration may be intense enough to awaken the same aspiration everywhere: oh, may good- ness, justice and peace reign as supreme masters, may ignorant egoism be overcome, darkness be suddenly illu- minated by Thy pure Light; may the blind see, the deaf hear, may Thy law be proclaimed in every place and, in a constantly progressive union, in an ever more perfect harmony, may all, like one single being, stretch out their arms towards Thee to identify themselves with Thee and manifest Thee upon earth. - The Mother

Along the Way… October 2017 Walk Review (walk no 386)

The last time we had joined the morning walk was a few years back. On 1st October, the first Sunday of the month, we decided to join the walk at Gardens by the Bay so as to bring my Mother-in-law out for a mind and body refreshing morning. It was a good decision as we enjoyed the day thoroughly right from the beginning. Enthusiastic walkers, both young ones and those young at heart, joined and soon the finally tally that day before we began the walk had reached a staggering 36.  

The sun was up and bright when we did our warm up exercise led by Devdutt Lal.  We split into smaller groups to suit each person’s individual walking pace. Later as we started the walk, Sooriya Bhagawan was kind enough to hide behind the clouds and a cool breeze accompanied us as we continued along the water front. There’s nothing quite like a brisk walk along river with the panoramic view of the skyline on one side and the gardens on the other. It was a great bonding time as members shared their previous walking experiences. We spotted types of floras, not commonly found in urban cities, such as Sanghu poo, Thumba poo and sharing the medicinal value of those. Some bright wild flowers along the walking path were feast for our eyes. Also saw few types of the flower of the month, Hibiscus. Took group snaps and ended our walk.

When we reached the host, Uncle Kashyap’s house, refreshing drinks and titbits awaited us. We began as usual with opening meditation followed by bhajans sung by Kashyap Uncle and his family members. We could join in with the heart-warming renditions of songs such as “Jyothi Kalash Chhalke” thanks to the provided lyrics. We ended off with a passionate beat box performance by the young man Amit, Kashyap Uncle’s grandson. We were also very fortunate to hear the short and sweet lecture by Dr Sachidananda Mohanty, Vice Chancellor of Central University of Orissa (Guest Speaker) on how to involve youth in Sri Aurobindo Society Singapore’s activities so that they become future torch bearers of this Movement.

It was indeed a joyous occasion to celebrate the birthdays of members with a cake to be led by Uncle Kashyap whose birthday also falls in the month of October. Later we had a sumptuous spread for lunch. As Uncle Kashyap shared that the morning walk, which first started in early 70s has since been going strong with newcomers regularly joining the ever-consistent senior members of the society. This unbroken tradition will go a long way from here with everyone’s participation under Mother’s Divine Grace.
-          K.Chandrakala

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