Guiding Light of The Month

I implore that every substance impregnated more and more by Thy sovereign forces may put up an ever diminishing resistance of blind ignorance against Thee, and that triumphing over all darkness Thou mayst transfigure definitively and integrally this universe of strife and anguish into a universe of harmony and peace... So that Thy law may be fulfilled. - The Mother

An essence of fall and winter

A Golden Walk in Menlo Park, Fall

Fall has been spectacularly beautiful in northern California this year. Awash in scarlet reds, juicy oranges, saffron yellows, deep and rich. Vibrant flames ushering me and my dog down carpets of colorful leaf mosaics. Beckoning us to see what new wonder will come into sight. 

Yesterday, November 24th, the day after Thanksgiving here in the US, a golden avenue appeared when I raised my eyes, so marvelously luminous that I let out an audible gasp. A Claude Monet moment --- a shimmering brilliance of color and light. We were walking alongside the carefully constructed mesh fence that separates pedestrians from the train tracks, a tasteful barrier erected to help despondent teens stay alive. I’d been pondering with a heavy heart, the fence, the trials of life, the current sociopolitical state of tribal passions, and seeming anarchy tearing at the world. And, then the golden avenue, with the wonderfully structured trees arching forward towards the fence, created a seemingly endless arcade of life and joy. Opening before me, transporting me into thoughts of the wonder of nature, the beauties of the world. 

Somewhere on route 280, Winter
Time of long shadows,
Oyster shell, translucent pale light,
striated threads,
cloud streams in a blue of soft, subtle tones
robin shell, misty "air" sea.
The clarity of winter
Wisdom, mirroring subtly the vagaries of the world
The storms of the spirit.

-          Judith Stewart

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