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Grant, O Divine Teacher, that we may know and accomplish our mission upon earth better and better, more and more, that we may make full use of all the energies that are in us, and Thy sovereign Presence become manifest ever more perfectly in the silent depths of our soul, in all our thoughts, all our feelings, all our actions. - The Mother

Along the Way… November Walk Review (walk no 399)

Some information about the park...
Chestnut Nature Park is the Singapore’s largest nature park. Found along the western edge of the Central Catchment Nature Reserve, Chestnut Nature Park is Made Up of Two Parts Chestnut Nature Park consists of Chestnut Nature Park (North) and Chestnut Nature Park (South). The southern portion of the Park opened in April 2016 while the north section of the Park opened in February 2017.

The north section of the Park is approximately four times the size of the south section of the park. It starts off with a paved road before becoming a meandering walk along an almost-cobbled-stone pavement, and then a dirt track.  The Northern Trail is an enjoyable trail to explore.

The Southern Trail is the “Rocky Trail”. A characteristic of the Southern Trail is the rocky granite boulders that dot the trail. The rocky terrain is contrasted by sections of the trail that lead across fields of lalang the height of a man. It was amazing to see such a forest kind of park just behind the Petir Road lined with so many highrise buildings.

Since regular members could come on time, with warming up exercise lead by our dear Anju, we started the walk. I really feel blessed to be part of our Sri Aurobindo Society. I not only get to spend some spiritual time at the Center on Sunday evenings but also the first Sunday of the month walk with our society members in these gardens is truly beautiful; that leaves me feeling very peaceful and at one with the splendours of nature.  Thanks to Mr Ramanathan for taking time and effort to spot these gems of Nature and lead us in the trails.  

I get to walk along with different groups depending on my pace. This time my walk with Jayanthi Ramanathan was really enlightening. Every other step she picked up some beautiful flowers and gave me the spiritual significance Mother gave for it. I was amazed at her 'परिपूर्ण'  (Plenary)  bhakti for Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. We found a lot of Nagalinga or Shiva Linga trees.  In Hindi, it is also called Shiv Kamal or Kailaspati., or Nagalingam in Tamil. In English, it is known as Cannonball tree. The flower name in English is  Couroupita guianensis whose spiritual significance Mother gave was Prosperity - Remains only with him who offers it to the divine.  I felt the park can be renamed as Cannonball Park instead of Chestnut Park after seeing so many cannonball trees.


Kaurav Pandav Flower -- Passiflora incarnata
Another very rare flower we found was Kaurav Pandav Flower. Spiritual significance given by Mother for this flower - Silence, The ideal condition for progress, Rich, profound, multiple.

Mother Nature just stole our hearts with her beauty in different types of trees, foliage and flowers. We also had to focus on the pebbled path way and slippery path filled with littered leaves. On the lighter note, Singapore government levies no fine for these trees which litters so heavily.

After the walking Tapasya in the Chestnut forest Park, we arrived at our hosts’ - Mr Kiran Sule and family – home. It was a very divine delight being with such dedicated sadhaks of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. Mr Kiran gave a summary of certain cantos in Savitri on how Aswapathy’s tapas brought Divine Mother Savitri to descend on the Earth. We were amazed at his memorising many cantos of Savitri and it flowed like Ganga from his lips. Then meditation and wishing the members celebrating birthdays and wedding anniversary this month followed.

We were wonderstruck by the array of dishes spread on the dining table by the youngsters of the family while Preeti and her cousin were giving finishing touches to the celebratory dishes they cooked! We thoroughly enjoyed the meal in the company of friends.

Our sincere and loving gratitude to Mr Kiran Sule and his family for this joyful experience.


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