Guiding Light of The Month

O Lord, how ardently do I call and implore Thy love! Grant that my aspiration may be intense enough to awaken the same aspiration everywhere: oh, may good- ness, justice and peace reign as supreme masters, may ignorant egoism be overcome, darkness be suddenly illu- minated by Thy pure Light; may the blind see, the deaf hear, may Thy law be proclaimed in every place and, in a constantly progressive union, in an ever more perfect harmony, may all, like one single being, stretch out their arms towards Thee to identify themselves with Thee and manifest Thee upon earth. - The Mother

Along the Way… September Walk Review (walk no 397)

It was a fine, pleasant Sunday morning—not too sunny, not too hot, but just perfect! The entrance to MacRitchie Reservoir was abuzz with activity, as always. There were flocks of people getting in at 8am and then there were the early birds who were done with their exercise routine and all set to leave the place. All of us, from, the centre, who were present at that point of time, formed a circle and started off with our warming-up exercises. After a quick round of warming up and stretching, we could soak in the wholesome environment of the Macritchie reservoir, complete with the smell of the flowers on the trees, climbers and bushes around, and the chirping of the morning birds, not to forget the buzz caused by the human activity around.
Once done, we set out on our walk. Since we had done the board walk quite a few times in the past, we decided to take the path less travelled. We walked towards the kayak rental point and headed off towards the path that led to the Jungle trail. As we walked past, we saw several enthusiastic kayakers cutting though the water as if they were on a motor boat! The coordination required while rowing is a definitely a challenging task, and we were in awe at the balance and the coordination exhibited by all those who were kayaking. Soon, we went past the path around the water and headed off on a trail behind the board walk, running parallel to it at the start, and then eventually diverting towards the Jungle trail. This trail had a thick canopy on top, thanks to all the giant trees lining the trail on either side. It was a muddy trail, with a lot of ups and downs. Some of us just continued on the board walk itself. As mentioned earlier, it was not sunny, but the air was heavy with moisture and we could feel it weighing on us heavily. As we briskly walked along, we could hear the sirens in the distance warning the Kayakers to get off the water as there were giant rain clouds looming in the sky indicating a very heavy downpour. We decided to pay heed to the sirens and quickly did a U-turn to make it to the nearest shelter before the rain got to us. Some of us were lucky and made it on time and some of us got a little drenched. Nonetheless, Macritchie reservoir looked glorious with the grey clouds, the silver rain, the green trees and the lovely blue water.
As the rain decided to have some mercy on us and pause for a while, We were back near the water at the end of the trail. We assembled near the Car Park and were all set to go to the lovely home of Shailaja aunty and Rao uncle. A quick drive later, we were all at their serene and beautiful house, which always has an air of aesthetic beauty and calm around it. The sun was also out in all its glory at this point .The turnout for the walk as well as for the brunch was one of the largest we had had in the recent past. After the meditation, came the brunch--with all the delicious food that was cooked so lovingly by aunty and uncle. We all felt fortunate that yet another lovely walk and brunch had come to a close, leaving us all waiting for the next month.


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