Guiding Light of The Month

O Lord, how ardently do I call and implore Thy love! Grant that my aspiration may be intense enough to awaken the same aspiration everywhere: oh, may good- ness, justice and peace reign as supreme masters, may ignorant egoism be overcome, darkness be suddenly illu- minated by Thy pure Light; may the blind see, the deaf hear, may Thy law be proclaimed in every place and, in a constantly progressive union, in an ever more perfect harmony, may all, like one single being, stretch out their arms towards Thee to identify themselves with Thee and manifest Thee upon earth. - The Mother

The Entry into the inner countries

In Matter’s body find thy heaven-born soul.

Botanical Name: Arctotis Venusta
Common Name: Blue-eyed African Daisy
Spiritual Significance: Cheerful Endeavour

Then Savitri surged out of her body’s wall
And stood a little span outside herself
And looked into her subtle being’
s depths
And in its heart as in a lotus-bud
Divined her secret and mysterious soul.
-          Savitri, Sri Aurobindo

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