Guiding Light of The Month

Grant, O Divine Teacher, that we may know and accomplish our mission upon earth better and better, more and more, that we may make full use of all the energies that are in us, and Thy sovereign Presence become manifest ever more perfectly in the silent depths of our soul, in all our thoughts, all our feelings, all our actions. - The Mother

Savitri, a journey of Love and Light (Sep 2018)

Then smiled again a large and tranquil air:
Blue heaven, green earth, partners of Beauty’
s reign,
Lived as of old, companions in happiness;
And in the worlds heart laughed the joy of life.
All now was still, the soil shone dry and pure.
Through it all she moved not, plunged not in the vain waves.

Out of the vastness of the silent self
s clamour fled; her spirit was mute and free.


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