Guiding Light of The Month

Grant, O Divine Teacher, that we may know and accomplish our mission upon earth better and better, more and more, that we may make full use of all the energies that are in us, and Thy sovereign Presence become manifest ever more perfectly in the silent depths of our soul, in all our thoughts, all our feelings, all our actions. - The Mother

From the Editor’s Desk (Oct 2018)

The October edition of our Newsletter has as its theme canto 4 of Book Seven of Savitri, in the Book of Yoga, The Triple Soul Forces. Savitri’s yoga continues as she seeks out her soul. She was then on the highway that led her past luminous souls. She met luminous beings along the way and felt a deep silence in her midst and fathomed her nearing destination. However, such luminous destinations rarely come so easy. Savitri still has vistas to cross. In this canto, Savitri comes face to face with the triple soul forces, and the alter-egos of these divine forces, now muted, restricted, curbed and curtailed, not being able to carry out their divine work, but which, with an awakened Psychic would be able to realise and execute the true purpose of their existence in the being. It has been an amazing journey that we have had with Savitri as she traversed rough roads earlier and who now stands close to the gateway leading to her soul. It is exhilarating even to know that we are indeed travelling with Savitri and discovering our own inner world and its inhabitants. In this particular juncture of the journey, we stand face to face with the Divine powers residing within us but Divine powers left bereft of the means to express themselves fully. They appear in their limitation and yearn to be realised and expressed in their fullest. But this comprehensive expression can never be, unless the Soul emerges from behind the dense dark clouds of our nature and comes forward,  resplendent and shining, removing the clouds forever, and giving the full power to the now limited Divine powers to exist in their divinity fully. In order, the first force or power we meet is the Power of Divine Compassion.  She embraces the agony of the downtrodden, the beaten, the defeated, the incapable, and all that suffers in the night of God in incapacity. As she completes her introduction, another voice rises from the void, the voice from the shadow of Divine pity, which is Self-Pity. This creature is steeped in the toxic waste of self-pity, and writhes in pain, seized with dejection and rejection, accepting its lot as given.  

Next on the journey, she meets with another force, the power of Divine Strength, who is here to help the being stand strong and do a work for God, who is still striving to perform her work but who waits faithfully for God to come and give her the Divine Power to express herself fully. The alter-ego of this power of Divine Strength speaks next, in  ignorance. This is the ego of world desire, which brags about all its achievements here. It reeks strongly of our modern thinking mind, devoid of the expression of the workings of the higher consciousness. Savitri moves on and comes face to face with another being on a higher ground, the force or Divine Power of Light which is the reason of all true wisdom, bliss and peace. She too is awaiting the fullest expression of her power since the reigning power of the soul is still in the background, denying her the power of true expression. The voice of the alter-ego, the lower mind in man cries out its misery of being bound to the body, which at this point is still limited, receiving its inputs from the limited senses to fathom its truth, and express it, in its smallness and deformation. To all these divine powers which are yearning to exist in their truth, Savitri gives the assurance that she will bring to them that Light, Love and Life that alone will save and continues on her upward journey.

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