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THERE is a great difference between being in the midst of active work, of external action, while keeping one’s thought constantly fixed on Thee, and entering into that perfect union with Thee which leads to what I have called “absolute Consciousness, true Omniscience, Knowledge”. - The Mother

On a song of treasures

The sun has arisen from the bosom of darkness,
The light has spilled over earth
And the space is filled with an energy
Awakening lovely flowers, sweet birds and noble people.

In a little spiritual land at southern India,
A young sage, wise and spirited,
Blossoms his eyes to the touches of fresh light,
A day is in his hands, a blank page,
Looking forward to new experiences,
He brightens up to write the song for the day
To create treasures that will live on through ages.

Bhavathi Bikshandhehi, Bhavathi Bikshandhehi,
Reverberates his sweet voice through the streets of the town.
His seer’s eyes capture a rickety old hut
And he stops by, asking for alms, enlivening the spaces.
The door of the hut creaks open, slowly and carefully,
 Walks out an old woman, very poor, very noble.
“Greetings! O Sage. We are blessed to have your presence.
Poor and old we are though, and do not have anything to give you”
Speaks the woman to the sage, humbly, in a gentle voice.
“Perhaps, there must be something, something very little,
Little that you can offer this young sage” is the sage’s response,
His heart brimming with blessings for the poor woman.

The old woman walks in for a search,
Searches her old small hut,
And she spots a mellow little amla fruit at one corner.
Mustering a lot of courage, full of reverence,
She places the little fruit in the hands of the sage.
“Forgive me for it is old and too small,
But this is all we have”.
The sage is pleased with her offering.

A beautiful song he sings, a song of Sanskrit verses.
Living in the song, Goddess Lakshmi.
Delighted by the young sage’s praise,
She appears before him in all splendor and glory.
“O living symbol of my Light,
what is it that you need?”
“Poor is the woman, but her heart, a glory of diamonds.
Grant, Goddess, that the woman be filled with riches,
And she has a lot more to give to all”
There comes a shower of gold and rubies
And the Generosity of the wise woman’s heart,
Converts her into a woman of riches.

The song of Sanskrit verses is revered as Kanakadhaara stotram,
And the young sage, Adi Shankara.


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