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THERE is a great difference between being in the midst of active work, of external action, while keeping one’s thought constantly fixed on Thee, and entering into that perfect union with Thee which leads to what I have called “absolute Consciousness, true Omniscience, Knowledge”. - The Mother

Along the Way… March 2017 Walk Review

This was not my first monthly walk organised by the Singapore Centre but it was my first one with Anushna my darling granddaughter!  Shailaja was kind to have driven us to the venue. Once we commenced the walk, I was wondering how long Auropriya my daughter would last holding Anushna in her baby carrier but we happily sauntered on for 45 minutes one way. Anushna loved it as she enjoys the outdoors and was delighted to gaze at Nature and see the birds in the cages while returning. 

It is always such a pleasure to join in the monthly walks in Singapore as the locales are one better than the other; at least to me as I do not reside here.
This time the site selected was Bedok Reservoir. To walk along its waters on one side and the green lawns on the other was a rare treat for me and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Mr Ramanathan along with ten others took a full circle around it.     
After this invigorating walk, we made our way to Sheetal and Anand Venkat’s home, our hosts for the brunch. We started with a meditation followed by prayers. This was well attended and to say the least the spread was delicious. – a favourite destination for brunch for many.  Sheetal graciously ordered a cake to our luck as it was her son’s birthday in March which coincided with Anushna’s birthday end of the week. It was a joyous occasion and celebrating it with the Ashram family was even more so. As this centre brunch coincided with the Executive Committee meeting, we stayed for a bit longer in the host’s house and Anushna was no short of entertaining everyone.

I am sure I will be making many more visits to Singapore in the future and look forward to creating more fond memories with my granddaughter.

-          Mrs. Chhalamayi Reddy

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