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Like a flame that burns in silence, like a perfume that rises straight upward without wavering, my love goes to Thee; and like the child who does not reason and has no care, I trust myself to Thee that Thy Will may be done, that Thy Light may manifest, Thy Peace radiate, Thy Love cover the world. - The Mother

The Banyan Talks…

A bell from Russia that tolls for peace

The 82-kg Peace Bell is housed at the International Zone of Auroville

With an aluminium plate bell weighing 82 kilograms, and supported by an elegant wooden frame, the Peace Bell has a commanding presence. It is made more special because of its unique deep, resonating tone. Designed exclusively for Auroville by Russian bell-master Alexander Zhikharev, it was welcomed on September 4 in a special ceremony at the Pavilion for Tibetan Culture in the International Zone of Auroville, where it is now housed.
The Peace Bell was brought from Moscow to Auroville on August 15, and was part of the bonfire ceremony commemorating the birth anniversary of Sri Aurobindo held near the Matrimandir. The wooden frame was designed by Sergey Kornienko from Russia and made by Ricardo and team of New Dawn carpentry at Auroville. Contributions towards getting the bell came from across the world.

Incidentally, Mr. Zhikharev is the inventor of the Russian singing Bells (a set of flat bells) which is installed in Auroville. The Peace Bell is a symbolical contribution from Russia to the International Zone.

Mother’s wish

“The International Zone links Auroville to the international community. Its purpose, as per the Mother’s wish, is to reveal the soul of nations,” says Vera Lipen of the Peace Bell Project team. In the same way that an individual finds the purpose of life, nations have to find their purpose of oneness and peace, and having the Peace Bell with its deep and long resonating tone will help focus energies on the work, feels Ms. Lipen. “This is a call to nations to be awakened to fulfilling the Mother’s wish for the International Zone,” she says.

A Korean visitor who had experienced listening to the Peace Bell said it reminded her of childhood, with images of butterflies and a carefree life floating in her thoughts. It helped her recollect memories and taught her how to cherish her life, said Kelsang of the Pavilion for Tibetan Culture. Playing bells allows the expression of inner feeling and is an instrument of collective play, says Ms. Lipen, who conducts workshops with bells at Auroville.

Towards human unity and peace

“The sound of the bell has always been considered sacred. It has been used to connect with the cosmic spirit,” says Ms. Lipen. The sound of the bell helps the individual to connect with the silent space within, she says. It is only when there is silence, one can receive the consciousness of peace. The bell will aid Auroville’s work towards human unity and peace, she adds.

The Peace Bell will also add to the places of concentration within Auroville, which include the Matrimandir and the Peace Table for Asia at the Unity Pavilion.

“The bell will aid Auroville’s work towards human unity and peace”
(Article written by Annie Philip and sourced from The Hindu. A short video of the peace bells can be watched at -

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