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All is light, all is love, ignorance and egoism are but vain phantoms, they can be dissolved. And over all things spreads Thy sovereign peace, Thy fecund calmness. - The Mother

Silent Renewal

A leaf lies motionless, fallen from a tree,
barely touching earth’s warm-red bosom.
Its parched greenless cells yearn in flames of prayer
to rediscover a newer tomorrow.
Its dying veins still alive in woody fragrances,
invisible Breath swinging to spirit silence,
watching shadows in hushed quietude.
And straining to give voice to a song that sings
of a whirlpool of dreams longing to break free,
back to the green and gold of an ever-green tree
swaying under brooding skies of undying love.

Waves of gold from worlds afar
in streaming laughter come pouring down,
quenching with colour every pore that thirsts
and flowing warmth into its lonely skin.
And from the core of this new substance light,
a voice floats in remembering a tender song
that soothes the soul with a hope beyond.

O soul, cleave not to the clinging past,
redolent with memories of flower and spring.
Let go as the waters embrace you whole,
intact the memory of your path ahead,
offer yourself up to the flow of Time,
trusting That which survives death and decay,
ceaselessly preparing this
silent renewal.

-          Gopika
*The above poem is written by Gopika dahanukar and sourced from

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