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THERE is a great difference between being in the midst of active work, of external action, while keeping one’s thought constantly fixed on Thee, and entering into that perfect union with Thee which leads to what I have called “absolute Consciousness, true Omniscience, Knowledge”. - The Mother

Bamboo Sings.....

It is the time just before dawn and it is very dark. The shine from the moon gives a warm glow and the stars are twinkling. I am walking through a dense growth and I can hear crickets chirping. I walk very slowly, careful not to disturb any creatures from their sleep. A chill breeze blows and I hear a soft rustle. A hush rippled through the place. I walk in the direction from where I hear the rustle. As I walk towards it, the sound becomes stronger.  And with a little turn, I find tall, slender trees. Very tall that they appear as though they are touching the sky. The wind passes through and they all sway together giving a calm musical sound. I walk a little further and I find myself amid dense shoots of Bamboo. So mystic is the rustle that it seems they are telling me something, silently without words. I reply back to them with a smile. The night turned to day with light seeping in through all the gaps and rays touching the earth. All the trees now looked like giant pillars holding the sun.

(Bamboo Trees at Cottage Restaurant, Pondicherry)

A slow soft yearning walks out of a small piece of Bamboo. It has a sound that touches our heart. There are holes on that piece and a magical hand opens and closes them in a rhythm. A peacock feather is dangling at the end and it sways slightly to the breeze. A little boy in the colour of deep sky is playing a music sweetly engrossing us. A beautiful girl has softly wrapped her arms around him and is lost in the music being played. Angels dance around them - a graceful dance that captivates us. Who is this little boy I wonder - playing a beautiful rhythm deep in our hearts…

Bamboo shoots are sturdy trees holding much significance given to them through ages. Simple and unadorned, bamboo is symbolic of purity and innocence. In India, it is a symbol of friendship while in China it is of longevity. The warm and humid climate of Japan makes it an amicable environment for the growth of Bamboo. The people of Japan revere the trees and they have framed lessons for life from them. It is said "The warrior like Bamboo is always ready for action". The King of Birds - Phoenix grows by eating only bamboo seeds and sweet spring water. The hollow inner structure of the bamboo trees makes them the best material to make the flute - the instrument that turns soft wind into music.

Cottage Restaurant at Pondicherry, which belongs to Ashram department, has brought in the atmosphere of Japan with a group of Bamboo trees grown tall and strong. The trees invite us inside along with little stones depicting the Zen gardens. That place has a nice coolness something that we don't see much in the scorching weather of Pondicherry. The trees sway with a slight breeze and the leaves like blades of grass dance together to create a faint rustle. It is a beautiful place to spend some time and indulge in relishing the sweets they sell.

- Sandhya

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