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THERE is a great difference between being in the midst of active work, of external action, while keeping one’s thought constantly fixed on Thee, and entering into that perfect union with Thee which leads to what I have called “absolute Consciousness, true Omniscience, Knowledge”. - The Mother

Along the Way… Reflections on the April 2014 Morning Walk

It was a pleasantly cool Sunday morning, and it was that day of the month when we, from the  Sri Aurobindo Society, Singapore, were to have our monthly Walk. The pleasant nature of the weather was a result of the heavy rainfall the previous day. This time, the venue for the Walk was the Punggol Promenade Riverside Walk.  This venue was not one of our regular venues, and we had been there just once earlier, in July 2013. Other than a handful of us who were present back then, most others were first-timers at the place. All of us were trying to soak in the ambience of the Riverside. The Promenade was alongside the river Sungei Serangoon. Set on the background of the river is a huge patch of greenery with a lot of nice big green trees. The entry point is picture perfect. We chose a nice green spot for the warm-up exercises, and then decided to make use of the scenic backdrop and took a couple of group pictures, after which we started the Walk.

The riverside promenade has two tracks running parallel to the river: one dedicated to cyclists and the other one dedicated to joggers. It is indeed a pleasure to walk or cycle on these paths as you have the river flowing by serenely on one side, and you have a lot of beautiful flowering plants, with flowers of different colours, sizes and shapes, dotting the place, on the other side. As we walked, at our own paces, we caught up with different people. There were many Lookout Points along the track which enable us to have a closer look at the river.

Slowly, the Sun began to peep out-- shyly at first, and then quite boldly. Along our way we spotted some brightly coloured kingfishers, which were a treat to the eye. A few monitor lizards were spotted too. The rich flora and fauna at the venue reflected a healthy eco-system. As we continued to walk, we crossed the point where the river opens out into the sea. Many ships were being anchored and unloaded there. Somewhere around the same spot, a group of kayakers were practicing enthusiastically and creating some wonderful formations and patters with their kayaks. All this showed us that there are several wonderful things happening around us at any given point of time. It is up to us to look around, take a deep breath, listen to all the wonderful sounds, catch all the beautiful sights and enjoy every moment of our lives.

As always, the place had something new and fresh about it, which made us all feel good and rejuvenated. Once done with the walk, we proceeded to our hosts’ (Jayanthy Aunty and Rama Uncle) place in Kovan. We were warmly welcomed into their beautiful house. I have always felt a wave of calm envelope me every single time I sit at the lovely altar at their house, and this time was no different. And I heard a few other members echo the same sentiment. Once everyone gathered there settled down, we started off with the Opening Meditation. After reading a few prayers and the names of people who were to celebrate their birthdays/anniversaries in the month of April, we had our delicious brunch served lovingly by Jayanthy Aunty and Rama Uncle.

Looking forward to the next month’s Walk!

-          Preethi Saroja

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