Guiding Light of The Month

I implore that every substance impregnated more and more by Thy sovereign forces may put up an ever diminishing resistance of blind ignorance against Thee, and that triumphing over all darkness Thou mayst transfigure definitively and integrally this universe of strife and anguish into a universe of harmony and peace... So that Thy law may be fulfilled. - The Mother


As from the soil sprang glory of branch and flower,
As from the animal’s life rose thinking man,
A new ephiphany appeared in her.
A mind of light, a life of rhythmic force,
A body instinct with hidden divinity
Prepared an image of the coming god;

(Savitri, Book 4, Canto 1)

Celestial –human deep warm slumberous fires
Woke in the long fringed glory of her eyes
Like altar –burnings in a mysteried Shrine.

Even in her childish movements could be felt
The nearness of a light still kept from earth,
Feelings that only eternity could share,
Thoughts natural and native to the gods.

(Savitri, Book 4, Canto 1)

A marvelous brooding twilight met the eyes
And a holy stillness held that voiceless space.

(Savitri, Book 7, Canto 5)

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