Guiding Light of The Month

Oh! how I call Thee from the very depths of my heart, True Light, Sublime Love, Divine Master who art the source of our light and of our living, our guide and our protector, the Soul of our soul and the Life of our life, the Reason of our being, the supreme Knowledge, the immutable Peace! - The Mother

Descent of Light

It flows towards the earth in harmonious waves.

- The Mother

Common Name: Golden chain
Botanical Name: Laburnum anagyroides
Spiritual Name: Descent of Light

In a flaming moment of apocalypse
The Incarnation thrust aside its veil.
A little figure in infinity
Yet stood and seemed the Eternal’s very house,
As if the world’s centre was her very soul
And all wide space was but its outer robe.

- Sri Aurobindo in ‘Savitri’

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