Guiding Light of The Month

I implore that every substance impregnated more and more by Thy sovereign forces may put up an ever diminishing resistance of blind ignorance against Thee, and that triumphing over all darkness Thou mayst transfigure definitively and integrally this universe of strife and anguish into a universe of harmony and peace... So that Thy law may be fulfilled. - The Mother

Question of the month

Q: It seems to me that the very land of Auroville aspires. Is it true, Sweet Mother ?

A: The Mother: Yes, the land itself has a consciousness, even though this consciousness is not intellectualized and cannot express itself.

(Shyam Sunder Jhunjhunwala, From the Editor’s Desk, ‘Some Socio-Spiritual Perspectives, Sri Aurobindo Action’, Pondicherry)

Q: What is the right thing that we should expect from You ?

A: The Mother: Everything.

Q: What have You been expecting from us and from humanity in general for the accomplishment of Your Work upon earth ?

A: The Mother: Nothing.
Q: From Your long experience of over sixty years, have You found that Your expectation from us and from humanity has been sufficiently fulfilled?

A: The Mother: As I am expecting nothing I cannot answer this question.

Q: Does the success of Your Work for us and for humanity depend in any way upon the fulfilment of Your expectation from us and from humanity ?

A: The Mother: Happily not.

(Note: On Feb 25, 1968 the New Age Association held a seminar given by the Mother: "What we expect from the Mother." ‘For a start the Mother herself was asked a series of questions, and pat came the answers.’ - K.R. Srinivasa Iyengar in ‘On The Mother’, Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust, Pondicherry)

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