Guiding Light of The Month

Oh! how I call Thee from the very depths of my heart, True Light, Sublime Love, Divine Master who art the source of our light and of our living, our guide and our protector, the Soul of our soul and the Life of our life, the Reason of our being, the supreme Knowledge, the immutable Peace! - The Mother

Along the Way… February Walk Review (walk no 390)

Walk venue for February walk was at East Coast Park.

Since I had missed the walk for the past 3 months, I very much longed to be with my SAS friends and enjoy the walk. I was not disappointed, since many of them joined the walk. The weather was also very friendly.

Mother Nature never fails to enthral us, even when we experience her beauty every day!

When I saw the vast sea and the sky, I remembered Mother answering one of the sadhak’s question as to how to widen our consciousness.  She said that to get out of our limited thought, will and consciousness, we have to think of  the endless vastness of the ocean and the sky, how they stretche out far and far in all directions. We are just a tiny point floating in the infinite space between the planets!   This will broaden our self from the closed shell of our ego. Hence this is also a kind of meditation.

It was really great of Nisha and Ashish to host this month’s walk, with Ashish’s wedding just a few days away! It was a great joy to meet her mother, sister and uncle who are here to attend the wedding. Both Sri Krishnamurthy & Sri Ramanathan chanted Bhagya Suktam and Shree Suktham, and Sri Kiran Sule chanted passages from Savitri as a blessing prayer to Ashish and Mallika.

The brunch was superb! We were treated to the most delightful dishes cooked by our dear Nisha’s mother, bringing the original pure taste of Bharata in every dish.

Our Sincere thanks to Nisha and her dear family for the beautiful morning they gifted us!

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