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O Lord, how ardently do I call and implore Thy love! Grant that my aspiration may be intense enough to awaken the same aspiration everywhere: oh, may good- ness, justice and peace reign as supreme masters, may ignorant egoism be overcome, darkness be suddenly illu- minated by Thy pure Light; may the blind see, the deaf hear, may Thy law be proclaimed in every place and, in a constantly progressive union, in an ever more perfect harmony, may all, like one single being, stretch out their arms towards Thee to identify themselves with Thee and manifest Thee upon earth. - The Mother

December - January Sunday Activities at the Centre - A glimpse

December 24th – Self-Dynamising Meditation using Savitri and Huta Paintings
We meditated on the essence of Future Poetry (based on Jared’s sessions on the Dec 10th and 17th) using some snippets of Savitri, the corresponding Huta paintings and the Mantric Mother’s voice.
The essence of poetic vision of our Master inspired a deep aspiration to search in Savitri for the hidden transcendent Truth, the Truth in Nature, the Truth in Life and the Truth in Matter. It was a dynamic delight exploring the Mantric Sound along with the sheath of Light together forming the cosmic seed of all the creation in the universe; we are perhaps witnessing a microcosm of this miracle, this Divine Creation of involution-evolution. We rejoiced meditating about how Aswapathy’s Yogic vision was able to hear the Mantra behind the rays from the eternal heights and Savitri appearing in the place of the retreating sound. We voyaged beyond the limits of cantos, story line and passages to get closer to the transcendent Truth beauty and the beauty of Truth involved.

December 31st – Meditations on the Psychic Being
Jayanthy conducted this session which brought our attention to the Psychic Being. There was a mention of how this Psychic Being was a very central theme occurring in Sri Aurobindo and The Mother’s Integral Yoga, with a recognition that one may not be able to speak much about it since it was something to be experienced and known by each aspirant or sadhak at his own time and space. This brief introduction was followed by a deeply meditative session on a power point presentation with vivid picture clues, rhythmic music and words of wisdom to meditate upon. It was truly a remarkable and unique experience beyond what words can describe. Our Mother Earth and Man are uniquely endowed with the rare Psychic Flame to partake in this Divine multiplicity of Delight in our own unique ways – Man is God in the making.

January 14th – The Future Poetry
We continued our exploration of Rhythm and Movement. THE MANTRA, poetic expression of the deepest spiritual reality, is only possible when three highest intensities of poetic speech meet and become indissolubly one, a highest intensity of rhythmic movement, a highest intensity of interwoven verbal form and thought-substance, of style, and a highest intensity of the soul’s vision of truth. All great poetry comes about by the unison of these three elements. Jared explained metre (Matra) with examples and video with lots of examples for us to practice through reading aloud.

- Ramadoss

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