Guiding Light of The Month

I implore that every substance impregnated more and more by Thy sovereign forces may put up an ever diminishing resistance of blind ignorance against Thee, and that triumphing over all darkness Thou mayst transfigure definitively and integrally this universe of strife and anguish into a universe of harmony and peace... So that Thy law may be fulfilled. - The Mother

A Song of Love

As in a small seed awaits the huge tree,
In the bud of Love resides the flower of creation.

It is the current moving vast rivers,
The shine blossoming beautiful flowers.
It is the glory at dawn and dusk,
And the moon protective through the night.

It is the nectar the world yearns for,
An emollient to soothe the wounds of heart.
It is the very beauty of the soul,
And the essence of all compassion.

She carries an ocean of Love
In the depths of her being,
She is the Mother, embracing all
As a child to her breasts.

Her acts, a way of Love,
Her smile, an essence of Love,
He speech, an expression of Love,
Her heart, an embodiment of Love.

A manifestation of the eternal Love is She
Her hands alight the lamp of Truth
Urging the world to progress towards glorious Light.

Love blossoms the flower of all hearts
Love unites the world in an eternal oneness.


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