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THERE is a great difference between being in the midst of active work, of external action, while keeping one’s thought constantly fixed on Thee, and entering into that perfect union with Thee which leads to what I have called “absolute Consciousness, true Omniscience, Knowledge”. - The Mother

From the Editor’s Desk (Jun 2017)

This June issue of the Newsletter examines the Spiritual Power of Healing as a follow-up to the series on Well-Being published in the past twelve months. In the last issue on Integral Health, we looked at the need in our being, to open consciously, wherever possible and progressively, all parts of the being to the influence of the Force from above. What is this ‘Force’? This Force is a helpful force from realms high above, or dimensions which we may be able to feel, which may descend or infuse and act on and have an effect on the receiving receptacle according to the capacity of its opening and capacity of strength to bear the descent of that force of purity and light from above. On the other hand, there is some help perhaps in contemplating upon this assurance of The Mother too: “The Divine is present in the very atoms of our body.” Here is a beautiful passage on that which descends from above:

“In the whole manifestation there is an infinite Grace constantly at work to bring the world out of the misery, the obscurity and the stupidity in which it lies. From all time this Grace has been at work, unremitting in its effort, and how many thousands of years were necessary for this world to awaken to the need for something greater, more true, more beautiful.”

We perceive that there is a power beyond us, above us, around us that saves, guides and heals. The attitude of “receptivity” has been mentioned in many of The Mother’s and Sri Aurobindo’s writings as of paramount importance if one were to benefit from the beneficence pouring from that Force. What Sri Aurobindo writes to someone corresponding with him is most revealing as he simply states, “All I can do is to send you the Force that if received would help you to change your conditions; it is what I have always done. 

But it cannot act effectively –  or at least not at once – if the doors are shut against it.”

The spiritual power of healing and how far it can help in the healing process is, as is clear from the above statement, dependent upon the opening one has to the force. What does an opening entail? Spiritual force belongs to one realm of Power, Light, Beauty, Purity and Truth, Love and Bliss. On the other hand, the “opening” is that which has to manifest in the recipient who has not the force but has a need for it to prop him up, heal him and help him along the journey. The opening therefore calls for an effort on the part of the aspiring individuality. It has to be willed and not only that, the opening has to be so perfect that the incoming spiritual force can do its work perfectly. The opening or receptivity rests on several attitude one has to take on and actualise in oneself; trust and faith perhaps and that too, unconditional. Or at least, the effort to open must be sincere. Here is what Sri Aurobindo writes about the spiritual attitude that would help in the spiritual force to act in one:

“Even in the ordinary life disquietude and depression create an unhelpful atmosphere for one who is ill or in difficulties. Once you are a sadhak, then whether for yourself or to help others for whom you still feel, the true spiritual attitude of reliance on the Divine Will and call for the help from above is always the best and the most effective course.”

It appears that the secret of health and healing rests on us too. The onus is on us to aspire ardently for health and to will an opening to receive the spiritual force to restore harmony and peace where there was none and collaborate with the Force in its healing process.  

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