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I knew well that none could invoke Thy presence in vain and if in the sincerity of our hearts we commune with Thee through no matter what organism, body or human collectivity, this organism in spite of its ignorance finds its unconsciousness wholly transformed. - The Mother

The Mother says … on Vital well-being

Cheerful Vital Enthusiasm - Very precious if it persists in spite of difficulties.
It is the vital that gives enthusiasm, but the vital by nature is unsteady and always wants new things. Unless it is converted and becomes a docile servant of the Divine, things are always fluctuating.
Right attitude in the vital:
Self-confidence, mental and vital quiet faith in your own realisation and in the Divine’s help.
To harmonize the vital is a psychological masterpiece.
Happy is he who accomplishes it.


The vital governed by the Presence: the vital force rendered peaceful and disciplined by the Divine Presence.
Vital consecration: delightfully modest and fragrant, it smiles at life without wanting to draw attention to itself.
Spiritual awakening of the vital: it soars towards the heights in the hope of reaching them.
Trust in the Divine: very indispensable for the impulsive vital.
Vital trust in the Divine: full of courage and energy, no longer fears anything.
Vital joy in matter: the reward for abolishing selfishness.
Peace in the vital: the result of abolishing desires.
Silence in the vital: a powerful help for inner peace.
Sincerity in the vital: the sure road to realisation.
Light in the vital: one of the first steps on the long road.
-          The Mother
(CWM, Volume 14, Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust, Puducherry)

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