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In this immense heroic struggle, in this sublime struggle of love against hatred, of justice against injustice, of obedience to Thy supreme law against revolt, may I gradually be able to make humanity worthy of a still sublimer peace in which, all internal dissensions having ceased, the whole effort of man may be united for the attainment of a more and more perfect and integral realisation of Thy divine Will and Thy progressive ideal. - The Mother

January–February Sunday Activities at the Centre – A glimpse

18th January : Meditation on “Savitri” Book X (The Book of the Double Twilight) Canto One, The Dream Twilight of the Ideal

The 4 pictures with lines from “Savitri” saw Savitri with Satyavan’s soul and the the God of Death travelling through darkness finds. Savitri finds herself in a trance of the Real and the Ideal.

These lines seem to tell us that when the Knowledge of the Self  hidden in the darkness of our Ignorance comes out like morning Sun, the dark, dragon body, adversary of the Light will have no go except to slip down from the stair of Time!

Savitri, Immutable like a Fixed Eternal Star, The Divine Mother, goes through these experiences to show us the way to higher plane of Consciousness.

25th January : Talk on How to manage Stress by Mr Karlu Sarkar

Mr Karlu Sarkar talked about Nadi shuddhi. Calm breathing is essential to bring about Peace in the mind. There is a dynamic link between Mind and Matter. Peace in the mind drives out all lurking diseases in the body. Peace is both Bhakthi and Shakthi. Meditation gives intuition to enter the Truth where intellect cannot enter. He also taught us a few exercises to release the pain and bring flexibility to muscles and joints. Indeed it was a joyous session to learn valuable exercises which bring a sense of well being and Peace in us.

8th February : Words of the Mother on ‘The Integral Yoga’:

The Mother considers three conceptual examples of the manifested world primarily to show the clear difference of understanding and approach by Sri Aurobindo towards   

1.      The views expressed by the Buddhist and Shankarite are that this world is only a projection of the real and is full of ignorance and suffering.   The sooner, the better it is for the individual to get away from this and attain liberation.   
2.       The Vedantic view is that ‘The world is Divine’ but the outer expression is obsure, ignorant and pervert.This condition is going to remain same and it is better for the individual to become conscious of the inner Divine with least attachment to this world.   
Sri Aurobindo’s view: The created world did not happen as it was to meant to be by the Divine and is only in the process of becoming.   Its current obsure and perverted expression has to be developed into a perfect manifestation.  In order to speed up this process, it is necessary for the librated individuals to bring down the realization to this world and change the conditions till perfection.   Hence this is not an individualistic approach, to leave the world unhappy.

15th February :  Reading from “The Synthesis of Yoga” – The Mother’s Talks

Mother clears the Sadhaks’ doubt on “what is “Egoistic state of Consciousness absorbed in the outer appearances...” She says that Sri Aurobindo’s  “Yoga starts where the others end.” Instead of thinking the body and life as useless after uniting with Divine inside, one should work for the Transformation of both and it is like “Cutting one’s way through a virgin forest.”

21st February- Mother’s 137th Birth Anniversary celebrations

The first sight of the galore of beautiful and different varieties of flowers arranged at Mother’s and Sri Aurobindo’s altar by dear Marty really made the birthday celebration a joy of purity. I thought of reading through the significance of the flowers offered at our Mother’s feet. It goes like this...
Rose – Love for the Divine
Baby’s breath - Blooms without attracting attention
Lily - Joy of Integral peace
Orchid - Emotional attachment to the divine
Garden Gladiolus - Conscious of Divine and surrendered to it
Chrysanthemum - Purified dynamic life energy
Lotus - Supramental wealth
Sunflower - consciousness turned towards Light
Dahlia - Nobility and dignity
Jasmine - Psychic purity and Integral purity
Nerium Oleander - Sweetness of thought turned exclusively towards the Divine, perfect    quietness in the mind.
Just going through the Book of Spiritual Significance of Flowers by our dear Mother gives so much elevation in the thought and spreads joy in the heart!

Meditation music was followed by the Readings of prayers by Mrs Rajah and Mrs Kashyap .
Darshan Message from Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Puthucherry was read by Mr C.Krishnamurthy:

“Far-wandering seekers on the Eternal’s path
Brought to these quiet founts their spirit’s thirst
And spent the treasure of a silent hour
Bathed in the purity of the mild gaze
That, uninsistent, ruled them from its peace,
And by its influence found the ways of calm”.

-         Savitri, Sri Aurobindo

The musical offering then began. Ms. Shibani Roy rendered Hindustani Vocal with Mr Mihir Kundu on the tabla. The song, which was on Mother Durga, was very appropriate and brought us closer to The Mother’s grace. The room-full of devotees appeared to be lost in the devotional consciousness that was beginning to settle in the room.  The celebration ended with vote of thanks by Sri C.Krishnamurthy and all of us were treated to the delicious Mahaprasad, prepared by our strong and enthusiastic team of Shakthi Svaroopinis!

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