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Like a flame that burns in silence, like a perfume that rises straight upward without wavering, my love goes to Thee; and like the child who does not reason and has no care, I trust myself to Thee that Thy Will may be done, that Thy Light may manifest, Thy Peace radiate, Thy Love cover the world. - The Mother

From the Editor’s Desk (March 2015)

In this March issue of our Newsletter, we continue to contemplate on The Mother’s symbol and what it means in its many aspects respresented by the petals, both inner and outer. We began on this journey proper in our last issue by looking at Maheshwari as the embodiment of Wisdom. In this issue, we consider the great force of Mahakali, the embodiment of Strength.

While the nature of the Maheshwari force is characterized by wisdom and wideness, the force of Mahakali is characterized by height, force and strength. Sri Aurobindo’s words give us a vivid glimpse of this Divinity we call Mahakali, “All her divinity leaps out in a splendor of tempestuous action; she is there for swiftness, for the immediately effective process, the rapid and direct stroke, the frontal assault that carries everything before it.” We see leap before us the Devi of might with the capacity to cast her lightning rods where these are needed; to plant mighty seeds of potent power for an immediate flowering of the Divine’s will in the scheme of His creation and the ongoing process of evolution. Typically, her indomitable force depicts her as “the Warrior of the Worlds” all set to unleash her powers against all that opposes the work of the Divine in not only this world, but all the worlds. Hers then is a force that does not differentiate between the minutest of works and one of universal magnitude.

Bringing Mahakali into our own spheres in order to understand her force and power may not be necessarily a difficult task. Sri Aurobindo leads us on further in this quest to know her in our lives: “Intolerant of imperfection, she deals roughly with all in man that is unwilling and she is severe to all that is obstinately ignorant and obscure…. Against the treachery and falsehood and malignity, ill-will is smitten at once…” So what then that relation we have with Mahakali? A short glance even, at our surface nature will explain the extent to which we can claim to have had the fortune of her action in us at least to the point of an iota, if that be it.

Enclosed within, contemplation on Mahakali by Ramalakshmi teaches us a few lessons from a fellow devotee on how one can learn to adore the fair and golden Mother in the terrible, who is yet the aggressor against all things perverse and undivine and who yet sits effulgent and resplendent on her high throne. Instead of cowering in fear or shying away from her, one could well subject oneself to her wrath, her swift and sharp action with happy confidence in an inner transformation; to tear off one tegument of resistance against the Divine decree and intent.

In this issue we begin with a column dedicated to news from Auroville. We start with one article on Sustainable Livelihood from Auroville Today, a monthly English-language publication that documents life in Auroville in its many aspects, such as education, health care, forestry, culture and economics. We believe the inclusion of these articles will help showcase the work that is carried out in the City of Dawn and inspire us towards a greater harmony in collective living.

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