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Like a flame that burns in silence, like a perfume that rises straight upward without wavering, my love goes to Thee; and like the child who does not reason and has no care, I trust myself to Thee that Thy Will may be done, that Thy Light may manifest, Thy Peace radiate, Thy Love cover the world. - The Mother

September-October Sunday Activities at the Centre – A glimpse

29th September 2013 - The Upanishads in Light of Sri Aurobindo 
Chants and Translations – by Krishnamurthy, Ramanathan, Sundari

This was the first time such a session was conducted in our centre by own members. Mr. Krishnamurthy and Mr. Ramanathan conducted the session while Ms. Sundari initiated the compilation of materials from readings from Sri Aurobindo on the Upanishads. Being an introductory talk on this subject, a very brief background was given to the following:

A road map from  ‘Deep knowledge of  ‘Veda Samhitas’, through ‘Envelopment of strong ritualism in Brahmanas’, ‘Spiritual pursuits & subtle nature of yajnas’ in ‘Aranyakas’ to the ‘Philosophical truths and Self knowledge  in ‘Upanishads’
An introduction to Upanishads – Literal & deeper meaning of the word itself and what they deal with 
List of Important Upanishads
Sri Aurobindo’s contribution towards their translations and commentaries
Importance of Shanthi mantras
An Introduction to the Isavasya Upanishad – Sri Aurobindo’s favourite, with much relevance to his Integral Yoga

The session concluded with Mr Krishnamurthy and Mr Ramanathan chanting the 18 verses of  Isavasya Upanishad.

The session concluded on a subtle note with Mother’s music.

6th October 2013 - Readings on writings of The Mother in "Steps to Freedom and Mastery" and OM Choir

On this evening, seven of us gathered for our 1st evening meditation cum readings for the month of October, that too after challenging but fulfilling hours of walk at Pulau Ubin in the morning.

We read two passages this evening, one entitled "Life- a Mirror to Make One More Conscious" and "Suppression Leads to Unconsciousness".

As usual, we read aloud the passages in about three rounds of readings and then spent a few minutes sharing our experiences, thoughts and feelings on the point The Mother was making in the passages.

This evening's going within pointed one towards the need for the awareness that behind the unhappiness or irritation one feels over another's so called imperfections was an indication that the same imperfections are within oneself. It was a reminder to look within at our own nature and aspire for the needed change or transformation. Here is what The Mother says:

"Look upon everything with a benevolent smile. Take all the things which irritate you as a lesson for yourself and your life will be more peaceful and more effective as well, for a great percentage of your energy certainly goes to waste in the irritation you feel when you do not find in others the perfection that you would like to realise in yourself."

13th October 2013 - Bases of Yoga Reading Circle

Six of us gathered this day for readings from Sri Aurobindo's Bases of Yoga. We continued from page 11 of the chapter Calm-Peace-Equality. Today's passages cautioned readers against disheartening experiences along the way and being over-powered by ordinary human reactions. Throughout, in all the passages that we read, there was a call to be based in inner tranquility, to seek peace and calm and equality at all times. The first movement towards acquiring this strong base was an aspiration and a prayer directed at the Mother for this and more.

The passages were very powerful and carried in them a deep and steady quietness which engulfed everyone in the circle. Following meditation music, we made our way home, certainly with a light and joyous and quiet heart looking forward to the week to unfold. Here is a poignant passage that presents in a nutshell, the issue presented to us:

"First aspire and pray to the Mother for quiet in the mind, purity, calm, peace, an awakened consciousness, intensity of devotion, strength and spiritual capacity to face all inner and outer difficulties and go through to the end of the Yoga. If the consciousness awakens and there is devotion and intensity of aspiration, it will be possible for the mind, provided it learns quietude and peace, to grow in knowledge."

20th October 2013 - Bases of Yoga Reading Circle

Six of us gathered to continue from where we left off last Sunday. Our readings were from pages 14 to 18 of the book. The message for the day was to remain calm and maintain equality in the midst of all circumstances and especially disturbances. Going deeper within was suggested in order to see everything in perspective, with a deeper and keener sense of perception. After readings, sharing began, this time, about relating to diseases and how best to approach them, given our state of consciousness. The answers were in the lines we read and sharing experiences helped us to revisit the lines and relate them to our lives from different perspectives. Here is the quote for the day, from the passages we read: 

"The inner spiritual progress does not depend on outer conditions so much as in the way we react to them from within — that has always been the ultimate verdict of spiritual experience. It is why we insist on taking the right attitude and persisting in it, on an inner state not dependent on outer circumstances, a state of equality and calm, if it cannot be at once of inner happiness, on going more and more within and looking from within outwards instead of living in the surface mind which is always at the mercy of the shocks and blows of life. It is only from that inner state that one can be stronger than life and its disturbing forces and hope to conquer." -          Sri Aurobindo

- Mr Krishnamurthy and Jayanthy

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