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Like a flame that burns in silence, like a perfume that rises straight upward without wavering, my love goes to Thee; and like the child who does not reason and has no care, I trust myself to Thee that Thy Will may be done, that Thy Light may manifest, Thy Peace radiate, Thy Love cover the world. - The Mother

August- September Sunday Activities at the Centre – A glimpse

25th August 2013 – Meditations on Savitri

The last Sunday of every month is when we have the 'Savitri' Reading Circle at the Centre. We were to read selected lines of Book 4 Canto 4 - “The Quest”.  As this was a continuation from the previous month’s “Meditation on Savitri” session, we had an idea about the background to the Quest that Savitri was about to undertake, her Quest to find her soul-mate, Satyavan.

This Canto essentially described the period of Savitri’s search for Satyavan in ancient India. The lines in this Canto give vivid descriptions of the places that Savitri travels through, the changes in terrain and the changes in season and how she is looking out for Satyavan across the lengths and breadths of ancient India. The descriptive nature of these beautiful lines just added to the beauty of Huta’s already beautiful paintings.

After having watched the video, we formed a circle and read the selected lines a couple of times and shared our thoughts and ideas on the same.

Once done, we sat down for our Closing Meditation.

1st September 2013 - Readings of The Mother’s words from “Steps to Freedom and Mastery” and OM Choir

This evening we gathered into a circle of five. We read three passages, 1) We can master only what we are conscious of 2) To develop consciousness is to become increasingly conscious 3) Consciousness - A mirror and a searchlight.

The readings gave further insights into the need of becoming conscious, the necessity even, and what it is that can be achieved with a growing consciousness. We read the passages about two to three times, between pauses.

Some ten minutes were available for talk time during which comments were made pertaining to one's daily life. One question raised was whether problems could be eliminated as one became more and more conscious and the other was the challenge of trusting everyone completely.

After examining together those comments with reference to the writings, we sat down to chant Om for the remaining minutes and dispersed after meditation music, looking forward to a whole new month of growth from looking within.

Here is one passage for sharing:

"Ignorance is dispelled by a growing consciousness; what you need is consciousness and always more consciousness, a consciousness pure, simple and luminous. In the light of this perfected consciousness, things appear as they are and not as they want to appear. It is like a screen faithfully recording all things that pass. You see there what is luminous and what is dark, what is straight and what is crooked. Your consciousness becomes a screen or mirror; but this is when you are in a state of contemplation, a mere observer; when you are active, it is like a searchlight. You have only to turn it on, if you want to see luminously and examine penetratingly anything in any place."    - The Mother

8th September 2013 - Readings from Sri Aurobindo’s “Bases of Yoga”

We have been reading the book, ‘Bases of Yoga’ by Sri Aurobindo, on the second and third Sundays of the month, at the Centre. This book is small, in comparison to the other volumes written by Sri Aurobindo, but is packed with the precious nuggets of wisdom so simply written that the lines reach our hearts upon reading with concentration.

We started off from where we paused the previous month, with the chapter “Calm-Peace-Equality”. In our previous reading, we saw the differences between Quiet, Calm, Peace and Silence. With that background, we began our reading.

Sri Aurobindo says our consciousness is like a vessel, which needs to be emptied of its undesirable contents from time to time. In order to be able to do this, it is important to keep our quietude, for it is this quietude which helps in filling the vessel with things which are new and true, right and pure. We need to open ourselves upwards and wait patiently for the Grace to do its work on us.

Besides aspiring for Peace and Silence, it is a great step in itself to attain Calm. It is the very foundation of the divine consciousness. Even if there is anything else that we aspire for, it is important to retain this rock-solid foundation of Calm, without which even Knowledge, Ananda and Power cannot remain.

After reading the excerpts and discussing them, we sat down for our Closing Meditation.

15th September 2013 - Readings from Sri Aurobindo’s “Bases of Yoga”

This being the Third Sunday, we were to continue reading the chapter “Calm-Peace-Equality” from ‘Bases of Yoga’ by Sri Aurobindo.

We had a large circle of about 15 people. We read each of the sections thrice. In the first section, Sri Aurobindo emphasizes again on how Purification and Calm are the primary-most needs in the Yoga. However rich our wealth of worlds, visions and voices is, the richness tends to be nullified by the unpurified and troubled consciousness. At first, even if the Peace and Calm come and go, it is important to be patient and let it be. Once this happens, the rest—knowledge, strength and Ananda come, to make it complete.

Once this new consciousness is completely formed and has established itself in the vital and physical being, it must not only be calm, it must also expand and become wider and wider. We must remain quiet, open ourselves and call the divine Shakti to confirm the calm and peace. We must not be over-eager in our pursuits and disturb the established level of calm and peace. Aspiration is key.

After reading the excerpts and discussing them, we sat down for our Closing Meditation.

22nd September 2013 - Meditations on Savitri

There were about 13 members in the circle this evening. We contemplated on Book 5, Canto 1 and 2 with Meditations on Savitri. It was the beginning of the Book of Love. We were at the juncture of a highly significant moment in Savitri's life, its turning point even. It was her meeting with Satyavan in the wilderness. Sri Aurobindo takes us deep into Nature's bosom of sweetness and grandeur. We travelled with Savitri into the nature-bound, heavenly abode of Satyavan, where "Love in the wilderness met Savitri....Gaze met close gaze and clung in sight's embrace". It was a meeting of two lives that would spell a revolution for mankind, a vision or even a promise Sri Aurobindo unfolded and revealed through Savitri. Here are the concluding lines for today's session to contemplate on :

"There is a Power within that knows beyond
Our knowings; we are greater than our thoughts,
And sometimes earth unveils that vision here.
To live, to love are signs of infinite things,
Love is a glory from eternity's spheres."

- Preethi and Jayanthy

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