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THERE is a great difference between being in the midst of active work, of external action, while keeping one’s thought constantly fixed on Thee, and entering into that perfect union with Thee which leads to what I have called “absolute Consciousness, true Omniscience, Knowledge”. - The Mother


“The Meeting” is the theme of this issue of the Newsletter. By meeting here is meant an instance of coming together.

Many meetings happen in our lives with various kinds of people at various points in time. Some of these meetings leave no trace after the first of its kind. They serve their purpose momentarily, vanishing into thin air, never to be. Then there are the other meetings which leave their lasting impression on us, most often altering our lives beyond recognition. Yet there are meetings that occur everyday, and become too common an occurrence for one to be overly concerned about. Then there are those fascinating meetings that happen everyday, everytime, and one never tires of these refreshing interchanges. Meetings are aplenty and occupy much of our lives, both in our outer and innermost.

But few are the meetings that are “earth-shattering”, stamping an irrevocable impression in one’s consciousness for all of infinity and eternity; where the very substance of earth nature is changed, altered without recognition, where lasting ripple effects linger in the world scene, decades or even centuries thereafter and lives after lives are irretrievably drawn into a whirlpool of change and an upward climb for all affected. Such a meeting it must have been when The Mother first met Sri Aurobindo towards the end of March, in 1914.

The Mother herself thought least about this meeting, evidence left behind suggest, before it happened, but her spontaneous response to the meeting after it did was very telling in that she recognized in him she met, her long-time guide and then one with whom she would collaborate unreservedly, with utter consecration for the rest of her earthly life and beyond. The spontaneous thoughts and feelings that arose in her she recorded in her entries for the next few days following her first meeting with Sri Aurobindo on 29th March 1914. The Mother left in her “Prayers and Meditations” clues to her responses, her inner feelings and thoughts, her deepest aspirations and hopes relating to that first meeting.

K D Sethna (or Amal Kiran, as he is fondly known as) gave some insights into that meeting at a deeper, occult level. He termed it a “natural thing”, “a doubling of strengths”, “a linking of complementaries”. It was essentially a coming together of “an immense Knowledge-Power from above the mind” with “an intense Love-Power from behind the heart”. It was a decisive meeting that brought into play both energies and set forth the “earth transformation”.

This issue of our Newsletter gives some insight into this destined meeting of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo through the many literatures available on this significant meeting.

In another way, Sri Aurobindo has captured the essence of the ‘meeting’ in “Savitri” in captivating ways, lines of which have been reproduced for the reader’s meditation and delight. For what more does such a meeting deserve than to be, in different ways, recorded in “Savitri”, in ways cryptic and poignant, elevating and profound and yet revealing!

Read on and revel in the mystic meeting of two great souls destined to work out a divine plan upon earth.

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