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THERE is a great difference between being in the midst of active work, of external action, while keeping one’s thought constantly fixed on Thee, and entering into that perfect union with Thee which leads to what I have called “absolute Consciousness, true Omniscience, Knowledge”. - The Mother


Aspiration. We re-visit this virtue, seemingly simple and attainable, illusively common place and available. However, in actuality, it may be, for most, a process demanding exactitude, utmost sincerity, as well as perfection at its highest and an unfailing will to keep aspiring despite all odds. It is too one that calls for a clarity of intent in what one wants to do with one’s life, for a shorter or a longer period of time. Yet again, for one who may have conquered his chattering mind and wild heart that gallops like an unbridled colt, aspiration may be an occasion for joy as it flowers, quite simply, in the vastness of the space discovered therein for the occupation of the One and Only or in the purity of a self-offering towards a life given to the Divine. Yet again, for those of us who may be still living with our chattering minds and wild hearts, aspiration may be about the only life-line, a future promise of a life of worth and meaning, and together with this, of course, Grace from above. It goes without saying, through these conjectures that the quality or strength and power of aspiration is directly related to the growing purity of the nature of the aspiring being and the clarity of his or her intent.

Aspiration brings to mind a movement, holding in it a deep yearning for something sublime; a seeking after that takes place in the very psychology of our being, for that for which there is no second. In aspiration too, there prevails the fragrance of a self-offering for the one thing that is worth attaining, the highest of all, simply because it is in order in the being, something quite natural.

Of Aspiration The Mother writes: “It is truly like a great purifying flame of will, and it carries in its core the thing that asks to be realized.” The Mother exemplifies the power of aspiration further, thus :

“In one’s aspiration not to make any more mistakes, one eliminates any occasion for making them. It is not a cure.”

Here is a power suggestion of a certainty, coming from The Mother. She has been known to be one with the most ardent aspirations, recorded in Prayers and Meditations, whose very utterance can create a charged atmosphere, wherever it is being read, with an open mind and offered heart.

Here is what Mother indicates of the highest aspiration and signs of its power:
“To live within, in a constant aspiration for the Divine, enables us to look at life with a smile and to remain peaceful whatever the outer circumstances may be.”

Are there any conditions for aspiration? The Mother enlightens:
“Your will is free, it is deliberately left free and you have to choose. It is you who decide whether to seek the Light or not, whether to be the servitor of the Truth or not…or whether to have an aspiration or not, it is you who choose.”She leaves the whole of its manifestation on our hands. Whether we aspire or not, it is up to us.

Perhaps there is one condition that aids aspiration – silence of the heart, a state where vital cravings and desires have died down and what remains is an aspiration for the one Highest, The Divine.

“In the silence of the heart burns the steady fire of aspiration. Keep the fire burning steadily and wait quietly for the sure result.”

Aspiration. It is an aid; it appears to be a journey too.

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