Guiding Light of The Month

Tell me, wilt Thou grant me the marvellous power to give birth to this dawn in expectant hearts, to awaken the consciousness of men to Thy sublime presence, and in this bare and sorrowful world awaken a little of Thy true Paradise? What happiness, what riches, what terrestrial powers can equal this wonderful gift! - The Mother

Question of the month

Q: Divine Mother, I wish to get light on the following points.

1. Have I the capacity and are there potentialities in me to follow this path?

A: The Mother: This is not a question, the question is whether you have the necessary aspiration, determination and perseverance and whether you can by the intensity and persistence of your aspiration make all the parts of your being answer to the call and become one in consecration.

2. How should I continue my practice (sadhana) after returning home?

A: The Mother: Quiet yourself and in the quiet see and feel the Mother.

3. How can I meditate? What is the meaning by opening? Where should I open?

A: The Mother: An inner purity and receptivity that freely lets in the Mother’s influence. Begin with the heart.

4. I aspire for the higher life from above the head; but I always feel strained in the middle part of the forehead. What should I do?

A: The Mother: Do not strain yourself.

5. How does the psychic being open? How to understand the psychic and vital beings in the Adhara?

A: The Mother: By the force of aspiration and the grace of the Mother.

Psychic: Your true being, the being that is in the heart and that is the spark of the Mother’s own consciousness.
Vital: The part from which proceeds desires and hunger and dynamic activities, having its physical basis round about the navel.

6. What should I read at present?

A: The Mother: Sri Aurobindo’s books.
-- The Mother, November, 1928.

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