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THERE is a great difference between being in the midst of active work, of external action, while keeping one’s thought constantly fixed on Thee, and entering into that perfect union with Thee which leads to what I have called “absolute Consciousness, true Omniscience, Knowledge”. - The Mother

June - July Sunday Activities at the Centre - A glimpse

June 25th - Savitri, an Unending Journey
12 of us continued our exploration of Book 2, Canto 5 “The Godheads of the little life” pictures 11 to 16. We attempted to see through the telepathy of Ashwapahy, the grand purpose behind this seemingly chaotic and chance driven life journey through time. Picture 11 reveals the secret and the fundamental operation of the Universe – The Absolute or in other words ‘The One who is All’ or as described in this passage, ‘The unknown self above’ is our goal; This One becomes the Many and guides our progress as the unfelt involved-self within. Mother’s powers in innumerable forms is the doer of all works in this unending journey of love creating beauty, harmony and dynamic delight for the Divine.

We can accelerate our progress through purification (Shuddi), liberation (Mukti), enjoyment (Bukti) and perfection (Siddhi) of our physical, vital and mental nature. Then through consecration and surrender, we can invoke the powers of the cosmic and transcendent; these infinite boons can help us to shed our mortal state and realize the union of the three Supramental existences – ‘The Transcendent One who is All’, ‘The Cosmic All who is the One’ and ‘The Transcendent and Cosmic All who are in the involved One’;“Sarvam, Anantam, Jnanam, Anandam iti Brahma” – Sapta Chatushtya, Quartet 7.

Picture 16 reveals the true nature of our view of our mortal life with inconscience, falsehood, evil, ignorance, hatred, suffering, death, incapacity, conflicts and contradictions. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel; we can and should accelerate our journey towards God – towards consciousness, Truth, Goodwill, Knowledge, Love, Enjoyment, Immortality and Power. With the right (conscious) perspective, contradictions and conflicts can become complementarities.

July 9th – Savitri with Huta’s visuals
14 of us watched the Book 2, Canto 6, ‘The Kingdoms and Godheads of the Greater Life’ video of Huta’s Paintings with The Mother’s voice and Sunil’s music. We followed it with discussion on the overall theme of this canto. We read MP Pandit’s summary; we also discussed the impact of ignorance: This subtle plane of life represents the stage of involution; though ignorant due to exclusive concentration, it is not yet corrupted; each part represents partial Truth - these parts when properly assembled will represent the whole Truth. The wisdom to correctly assemble is what is missing in this plane.
We discussed in detail Pictures 1 and 2. Picture 1 represents the missing wisdom trying to come down as illuminations and intuitions but tormented by wings of doubtful haze. Picture 2 highlights in a nutshell this whole canto:

“A spirit was there that sought for its own deep self,
Yet was content with fragments pushed in front
And parts of living that belied the Whole
But, pieced together, might one day be true”

July 16th - Presentation by Mr. Joss Brooks on “Greening of Auroville”

We had a houseful response with close to 35 in attendance to this mesmerizing slide show and talk by Mr. Joss. We were pleasantly surprised to hear about the origin of Mr. Joss – Mancheter, where our beloved Master Sri Aurobindo, as a young boy, lived and studied. Joss narrated his journey to Tasmania, Africa and India.

He finally discovered his deep connection to Auroville and Mother - thus embarking on a never ending delightful journey to unearth the hidden beauty and harmony out of chaos.

We were captivated and inspired by the stunning images of the transformations of Auroville site, medicinal plant conservation park at Pichandikulam, Adyar Poonga and Nadukuppam Environmental Education Centre – and the list continues including learning collaborations with IAS officers.

Deep love for Divine beauty coupled with Mother’s powers of aspiration, perseverance, gratitude, humility, sincerity, peace, equality, generosity, goodness, courage, focus on progress and receptivity are behind these unbelievable magical feats. His team, through silent will (without any fanfare), has become role models and influencers across the globe.
There were number of questions such as
·         How Joss is so deeply committed to this journey and accomplishing seemingly impossible
·         Can the experience be transferred to other regions including Singapore
·         Can the seeds and the techniques be used to promote other nurseries
·         How to sustain the Adyar park beauty from deteriorating
Joss's answers were eye openers as he emphasized inclusive growth, participation at all levels and the key role played by his team as silent influencers transforming contradictions/conflicts to compliments through global view and consciousness promotion.

Thus, there is a lot to learn for us from his journey. Another key takeaway is the positive perspective of seeing the hidden beauty beneath the chaos; in fact, chaos is opportunity in waiting - as Sri Aurobindo says, “Manage your Attitude, opportunities will surround you”. We can translate his knowledge and experience to self-discover and create our own beauty and delight out of our deep love in our own ways and fields.

- Ramadoss

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