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All is light, all is love, ignorance and egoism are but vain phantoms, they can be dissolved. And over all things spreads Thy sovereign peace, Thy fecund calmness. - The Mother

Inside the flower of The Gita

(Chariot garden, Photo Courtesy: Sandhya)
Like the sacred source of a great river,
Lives an eternal Wisdom at the heart of all creation.
It is the Truth of  world movements,
The noble aim of all aspirations,
The origin of all beauty.

Flowing forth as a tale of reverence,
It takes birth in the Vedic minds of rishis,
An epic unfolds conceived of the Wisdom.

Thus emerged the Ramayana and Mahabharata
As two great literary rivers flowing across India
Enriching many with their profound movements.

Many are the characters, many are the lands,
Flowing through time in the great epics.
Among them, playing His rapturous flute
And also a felicitous hide and seek,
Is our peacock feathered prince of Mathura.
Indeed tricking and playful is He,
For He has chosen the most exciting stage
To spawn His Wisdom into a beautiful music.

Born at the battlefield,
In the midst of war and strife,
The Gita carries Krishna’s eternal Wisdom
Each verse a pearl in the jewel of God.

As the sacred scripture enters our lives,
We feel the chariot of our journey driven by Krishna
His advice soothing our forlorn Arjuna hearts
Radha flowering in us, from the depths of our devotion.

-          Sandhya

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