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In this immense heroic struggle, in this sublime struggle of love against hatred, of justice against injustice, of obedience to Thy supreme law against revolt, may I gradually be able to make humanity worthy of a still sublimer peace in which, all internal dissensions having ceased, the whole effort of man may be united for the attainment of a more and more perfect and integral realisation of Thy divine Will and Thy progressive ideal. - The Mother

April - May Sunday Activities at the Centre- A glimpse

April 17th- Savitri, An Unending Journey:

Meditation on “Savitri” with Huta’s Visuals: Book One, The Book of Beginnings, The Yoga of the King: The Yoga of The Soul’s Release-Pictures 1-7

The summary of the lines in pictures from Collected Works of Sri Aurobindo is given below:.
The growth of the world in evolution is a two-way process. It proceeds by an upward effort from below and a downward descent from above. The aspiration from the ascending Soul on earth calls for a response from the Grace of the Divine that oversees from the supreme heights of the Spirit. When conditions on earth are ready for a next turn which cannot be effected without an intervention from the Divine or when they are helplessly heading towards chaos as a result of some wrong deviation, a pull is exerted by the aspiring will in creation and a special manifestation of the Divine takes place in answer to it. The Avatar appears.
Such an aspiration from humanity focussed through the will of King Aswapathy brought a special puissance of the Divine Mother into human birth as Savitri.
A miracle is always the result of an intervention of some element that transcends the existing scheme of things and its laws. It is abrupt too. There comes a sudden precipitation of a process, a working that is proper to another scheme of organisation, into this world of ours governed by its own laws. And it is because the happening is contrary to the operations natural to this plane of existence that it is called a miracle.
This is precisely what happened in the case of Aswapathy. Something super-human, divine, came into the human frame of the king and he ceased to be merely human. Both the human and the divine normally distinct and different in structure and functioning joined together.
The natural limits of Aswapathy, the human person, got erased. The little, self-divided and self-centred ego-personality, usual to man, dissolved and he became one with the Divine Being. All bounds mental, vital, subtle-physical had been acted upon and increasingly stretched by the Power at work till they gave way and all divisions ceased. The consciousness formally confined to human boundaries flowed out and joined the larger divine consciousness, of which it is in truth a segment.
Aswapathy crossed the barrier of the physical consciousness which shuts off all the regions of subtler existence and found himself at the entrance of a new world which was guarded by the sentinel of the gods, the mystic serpent that allows no one to cross unless he has fulfilled the conditions demanded: the leaving behind of the all too human elements of desire and ego. To enter the higher worlds we must cast away the legacies of the lower ones.
There is a continuous struggle between the hosts of Darkness and the children of Light.The Asuras, the Rakshasas, the Demons and their brood of falsehood and egoism on the one hand and the Gods and their Powers of radiance on the other for the domination and possession of this creation of the Divine. And man, as the spear-head of this evolving manifestation, is the special centre of this battle. His life is a field for the concentrated projection of this universal combat, and a soul gained or lost is a significant victory or setback for either side. At each moment of his life, man is confronted with the choice between good and evil, with their protagonists ever on the watch to seize the situation.
On this level of manifestation, all the truths formulated by the mind and warring with each other on the lower planes of mentality converge into the one Truth of which they were the deflected rays. All recover this element of truth in this fulfilling meeting. All ideas, which are really sparks of the One Reality caught and formulated in its conceptual mould by the mind as if they were independent truths, recover their source and fall into the right pattern.

April 24th - Darshan Day - The Mother’s final arrival in Pondicherry:
After the meditation music, Mr KV Rao read the Darshan day message of 24 April 2016.
“We read, we try to understand, we explain, we try to know.
But a single minute of true experience teaches us more than millions of words and hundreds of explanations.
So the first question is: “How to have the experience?”
To go within yourself, is the first step.
And then, once you have succeeded in going within yourself deeply enough to feel the reality of that which is within, to widen yourself progressively, systematically, to become as vast as the universe and loose the sense of limitation.
These are the first two preparatory movements.
And these two things must be done in greatest possible calm, peace and tranquillity. This peace, this tranquillity brings about silence in the mind and stillness in the vital.
This effort, this attempt must be renewed very regularly, persistently. And after a certain lapse of time, which may be longer or shorter, you begin to perceive a reality that is different from the reality perceived in the ordinary, external consciousness.”
-          The Mother
But to silence the powerful vital needs a lot of will power!
Then we went onto read the chapter “THE SEVEN HIDDEN YEARS” - from the book- THE MOTHER - THE STORY OF HER LIFE by the Author Georges Van Vrekhem which talks about the initial years of the Mother’s experience in Pondicherry.

May 1st - Reading from the AIM Magazine, February 2016 -Times of Transition:

We focused on articles to relate how the state of humanity determines God’s treatment: ferocious for the dull and obstinate material; gracious for the open and humble and wise. Yet even in the hammering of God and in the midst of destruction - a new world is prepared and will grow. Indeed, the greater the destruction, the greater the future creation. The next article discusses the special destiny of India which has preserved the truth of the ancient Satya Yuga as in a seed and in her soul - and it is therefore awakening India which holds the key to humanity’s future: ‘In India alone can the effective Avatar appear to the nations.' 

May 8th - Questions and Answers 1956, The Mother, 28th March 1956:

“If a departure from the world and its activities, a supreme release and quietude were the sole aim of the seeker, the three great fundamental realisation would be sufficient for the fulfilment of his spiritual life: concentrated in them alone he could suffer all other divine or mundane knowledge to fall away from him and himself disencumbered depart into the eternal silence. But he has to take account of the world and its activities, learn what divine truth there may be behind them and reconcile that apparent opposition between the divine truth and the manifest creation which is the starting point of most spiritual experience.”
(The Synthesis of Yoga, p.110)
Q: I don’t understand the meaning. Why is this opposition the starting point of the spiritual experience?
The Mother: When difficulties and disappointments push us into the realm of spirituality it is usually negative. But it can lead to positive need to know the Divine and unite with Him.
And there are a few people who have the fortune of perfect inner and outer harmony and they feel no need to think of the divine.
The pathway to real spiritual life is to see the indwelling thought of god in every atom and behind every appearance and reconcile all oppositions. It is the ascent first and descent next to bring the “Moksha Samrajyam” (Self Realisation) on our beautiful Mother Earth!

May 15th - The Secret of the Veda, by Sri Aurobindo

Read pages 370 and 371 from “The Doctrine of the Mystics”
Vedas have the high spiritual substance which was experienced by our Seers. But at a later time when they became abstract to the human mind, Upanishad was born with philosophical structure and modified Veda with the intellect and logical dogma. But Vedas are still like a free flowing river free from any obstructing dams.
The intellect even with mastering of all Upanishads cannot experience “THAT” which is beyond names and forms though given many names and forms unless it  breaks past the physical and mental consciousness and soars like Hansa ( the celestial bird) to merge with the Divine Light within and without!
On the lighter side, I feel it is like my granddaughter drawing sun god with dark glasses, moustache and sun screen lotion thinking He is a human and protecting from His own rays!
Reading the passages from the Secret of Veda, we experience an “Ananda” not found in my dry glimpse!

-  Jared and Jayalakshmi

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