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OH, let Light be poured on all the earth and Peace inhabit every heart. . . Almost all know only the material life heavy, inert, conservative, obscure; their vital forces are so tied to this physical form of existence that, even when left to themselves and outside the body, they are still solely occupied with these material contingencies that are yet so harassing and painful. . . - The Mother

January - February Sunday Activities at the Centre – A glimpse

January 10th – AGM and Readings from Question and Answers:
Following our AGM, we read a few questions from sadhaks and Mother’s answers for them.

January 17th - Readings from ‘Essays on Gita’ by Sri Aurobindo:

Sri Aurobindo contributed these articles in Arya magazine from 1916 to 1920. In 1928, he brought out an extensively revised edition in this book form. We read two passages from the first article “Our Demand and Need from the Gita.” These passages talk about how the man kind  attach themselves to certain scriptures and religious beliefs with full knowledge or half knowledge and look down upon other religions and sacred books as impostures.

In recent times mankind has become more tolerant and respectful of other religious truths and less inclined to fight on these grounds. Truth is one and eternal, and all the other truths get their right place and knowledge in the light of the “ONE TRUTH”.

It is essential for us to approach our spiritual or religious text namely Gita or Vedas for the value they are giving to humanity. Over time the statements made in the scriptures undergo various mutations and divisions according to mankind’s mind set.

January 24th - Savitri, An unending journey:

Meditation on “Savitri” with Huta’s Visuals - Book One, The Book of Beginnings, Canto One, The Symbol Dawn

No one can speak about Savitri with greater authority than The Mother. She has said: Savitri is a revelation. It is a meditation; it is a quest of the Infinite, the Eternal... Our divine association with Savitri continues...

We meditated on the first 12 paintings.

I felt writing the beautiful explanation from Collected Works of Sri Aurobindo gives us the joy of opening to a wider world and beyond!

Before existence, non-existence; before being, non-being.
Before this manifestation of names and forms came to be, it was all a state of indefiniteness, a featureless Blank, as it were. There was simply the Unmanifest; it was an infinite Zero. But this was not an empty zero. It was contentful, holding in itself potentialities without end, immeasurable. And it was because this Nothing contained all in seed in its bosom that things could at all manifest from it.

The Zero is not a negative Void. It exceeds the farthest conception of the mind and strikes it as a blank though it is full in a way that is beyond human comprehension. Out of this Zero issue the Numbers stretching into infinity. Appearance of dawn always carries with it an enchanting beauty that is not of this world but of one beyond; it is bright with hues that bespeak a splendour on which mortal eyes have not rested; it brings the tidings of assurance from a Divine Effulgence, an eternal Light that is forever; though not in evidence today in this world of obscurity and death, it looms above and sends intimations of its existence and advent through the flares of its glow on the horizons of its skies.

The Goddess of Eternal Light forms the link between Timeless Existence and this creation in Time; she renders the truths of the former into terms proper to the latter. She is able to do it for she holds the knowledge of what is to be worked out and in what precise manner. She knows the steps, the course and the goal.

Source: Collected Works of Sri Aurobindo.

January 31st - Reading from the book ‘THE HOUR OF GOD’ by Sri Aurobindo:

The first piece also titled “THE HOUR OF GOD” Sri Aurobindo guides us on how we must make use of the precious moments when God visits our outer being. When that happens anything we undertake will be a success with little effort. We are at terrible loss when we miss these moments indulged in our ego senses or sleeping in inertia. We should cleanse our being of self-deceit, hypocrisy and vain self-flattering and receive the Power of the Breath of the Lord with trust and go forward.

February 7th - Reading from AIM Magazine:

We read the Awakening dated October 2014 during our weekly session on 7th Feb 2016. The following is a brief note on the reading. The subject was "Fearlessness in Action - Manifold, unfettered and fearlessness." We read two stories - The first about the Mother when she was about fifteen or sixteen as recounted to Children by Poorna Prema. Mother had fearlessly prevented the dismissal of an art instructor. The second story was about Lieutenant Commander Edward Henry "Butch" O'Hare, an American fighter pilot who, single handed, destroyed five Japanese bombers on February 20, 1942, and saved the Aircraft Career Lexington from the possible attack by the Japanese Bombers. Though he was killed a year later in an aerial combat, his hometown not wanting to forget the heroic action named the O'Hare airport in Chicago after him. We also read a small prayer from the Mother entitled "Lead us to Victory.”

February 14th - Readings from Question and Answers (2nd May 1956):

Sri Aurobindo says the “UNION WITH THE DIVINE” is threefold. They are the yoga of knowledge, the yoga of love and devotion and the yoga of works. For the Sadhak’s question about whether Supramental has descended upon Earth to bring about the new race, Mother replies as follows:

Like the millions of years passed for the present development of the mind of man, even now some time would pass before the new race would be visible. For people who are inwardly ready, who are open and in direct contact with higher forces, can feel the Supramental light in the earth atmosphere. For people centred in exclusively outer being, think of the sudden and unexpected appearance as miraculous.

-            Jayalakshmi

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