Guiding Light of The Month

All is light, all is love, ignorance and egoism are but vain phantoms, they can be dissolved. And over all things spreads Thy sovereign peace, Thy fecund calmness. - The Mother

Flowers – jewels of nature

Right there, just around the corner,
I found a little bush.
A bush of smiling lovely flowers it was
Radiant with beautiful colours.

I went ahead and stroked the flowers,
a wave of happiness swept over me.
Charming and shining they were
Like clusters of stars fallen on ground.

Flowers are givers of joy and light.
Hands of blessing shower them,
Hands of love embrace them,
And a graceful garland strings them
into a jewel of fragrant beads.

Flowers are oceans of purity
Melting all things in their sheer beauty.

-       Sandhya

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