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Like a flame that burns in silence, like a perfume that rises straight upward without wavering, my love goes to Thee; and like the child who does not reason and has no care, I trust myself to Thee that Thy Will may be done, that Thy Light may manifest, Thy Peace radiate, Thy Love cover the world. - The Mother

November – December Sunday Activities at the Centre – A glimpse

November 22nd and 29th - Meditations and Discussions on Savitri (Book 9, Canto 1):

The great wrestle of Savitri with Yama is over – and respite should have been. Instead, Savitri is confronted with Yama transfigured – an arisen Godhead representing the Supreme. Yet, this Godhead, while sweet and luminous and full of an entrancing Ananda, nonetheless denies Savitri her prize: Satyavan resurrected.

This sets the scene for the lines we studied these three weeks – some of the most musical, potent and fiery in the whole of Savitri. We read these lines in a circle, appreciating their beauty and absorbing the magic of the Mantra. Then we discussed these lines, seeking to appreciate something of their mysteries.

The scene begins with temptation: The temptation of the Divine by the Divine – and luminous Yama asks Savitri to leave the earth and ascend to her rightful home where she can be eternally be with Satyavan. Yet Savitri refuses. In a series of sweet images, she outlines her natural royalty and divinity, her right to the kingdom of heaven that was “once her natural home” (l.542). 

But she is the embodiment of something greater: The sublime song of struggling earth. And she is the magnificent Mother who embraces the labour and the battle and the pain:

A heavier tread is mine, a mightier touch.
There where the gods and demons battle in night
Or wrestle on the borders of the Sun,
Taught by the sweetness and the pain of life
To bear the uneven strenuous beat that throbs
Against the edge of some divinest hope,
To dare the impossible with these pangs of search,
In me the spirit of immortal love
Stretches its arms out to embrace mankind.” (Savitri, Bk 9, Cant 1., ll.557-565)

To complete her mission, Satyavan must return. The hilt and the blade must be made one.

But the God still demurred. In a vast sweep of Vision and time, he outlines the story of the worm-man, crawling through the mud, his spirit far from bursting a gray chrysalis. He asks, commands even, Savitri to trust in the grand unfolding of the aeons – when all that must be shall be done.

Again Savitri is commanded to return to her “original might / On a seer-summit above thought and world”.

Our study stops here. Man’s destiny is now poised on a knife-edge. We await Savitri’s choice – which will fix the evolutionary path of humanity. 

December 6th - Readings from All India Magazine:

This week’s reading and discussion is on the most advanced stage of the Integral Yoga: The Yoga of the cells. We read several entries on how the Mother had been doing the inconceivable work of impregnating her cells with the Supramental Force, putting them totally under the influence of the Supreme. We also discussed the great mysteries concerning the purpose of the Mother leaving her body and how this may have facilitated her Work to transform the earth.

We also briefly touched on the existing controversies between those who view the Yoga of the cells as the ultimate stage of the Integral Yoga, being only feasible for those who have been put into direct mental and vital contact with the Supramental (something aligned to the views expressed in Sri Aurobindo’s writings) – and those who believe that the Mother’s arduous work over thirty years has made the Yoga of the cells a possibility for many more than a few supreme spiritual athletes. 

-          Jared

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