Guiding Light of The Month

In this immense heroic struggle, in this sublime struggle of love against hatred, of justice against injustice, of obedience to Thy supreme law against revolt, may I gradually be able to make humanity worthy of a still sublimer peace in which, all internal dissensions having ceased, the whole effort of man may be united for the attainment of a more and more perfect and integral realisation of Thy divine Will and Thy progressive ideal. - The Mother

Question of the month (Sep 2014)

Q: What is the work of the psychic being?

A:  The Mother: What is the work of the psychic being? You want it to have some work? What do you want to say exactly? What is its function? Ah! Very well. One could put it this way, that it is like an electric wire that connects the generator with the lamp. Now, if someone has understood, let him explain what I said!

What is the generator and what is lamp? (laughter)

Ah, there we are! So, what is the generator and what the lamp? That is exactly it. What is the generator and what is lamp? Or rather, who is the generator and who is the lamp?

The generator is the Divine and the lamp is the body.

(“The Psychic Being, Soul: Its Nature, Mission and Evolution”, ‘Selections from the works of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother’ Ashram Trust 1978, Published by Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Puducherry)

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