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In this immense heroic struggle, in this sublime struggle of love against hatred, of justice against injustice, of obedience to Thy supreme law against revolt, may I gradually be able to make humanity worthy of a still sublimer peace in which, all internal dissensions having ceased, the whole effort of man may be united for the attainment of a more and more perfect and integral realisation of Thy divine Will and Thy progressive ideal. - The Mother

Along the Way……Reflections on the December 2013 Morning Walk

Beautifully decorated altar under the banyan tree, serene with a sense of the living presence of Mother and Sri Aurobindo is what greeted us as we walked down Labrador Hill. The sea was right next to the path with the sound of the waves rhythmically lapping upon the bank.

Pondicherry was recreated in more ways than one. As we left for the park in the morning, my thoughts were filled with memories of the same dates the previous year. Many of us from the Singapore Centre had gathered at Pondicherry to celebrate 40 years of the Centre’s presence in Singapore. As if to give solace, this December walk was recreated in this atmosphere.

Thoughts of Mr. Lok not being in our midst, was in my mind as I started the walk. For the last December walk at Pondicherry, he was with us walking along the shores and today, less than a year later, he is on the lap of Mother Nature. Back to eternity is all I could think of.

The gentle waves soothed the thoughts along the path, slowly it curved to a board walk over the striking emerald green waters. A variety of scenes greeted us as we moved on in good pace. A calm boat jetty with numerous yachts anchored was a treat to see amongst the green backdrop. Gentle and unobtrusive, a massive Star Virgo liner glided past, like a swan, graceful and majestic, a tribute to the perfect blend of nature’s materials and man’s intelligence, both a gift of the divine.

Walking kilometres on, we reached the view of cable cars moving against the backdrop of the sky. Some members decided to walk further, all the way to Sentosa Island and back. The sky having poured its heart out the previous night, it was a cool morning with gentle breeze. Walking back through the Labrador Park examining the cannons of the 1800’s, the tall trees and lush green thickets filled with sounds of crickets was not a strain at all. Mother Nature was in Her full glory !

The little ones of our group had gathered a snail on a leaf and were examining it closely on their hands. Deepika, youngest of all exclaiming loudly, “I love this morning’s walk”, and undisputedly we all agreed silently. Gathering back at the well laid out place for prayers and meditation, by our smiling hosts Upali and Ritesh, a sense of calm descended and just then I saw a huge liner pass by named Peace Boat. The lovely prayers and music and sound of the waves filled our lungs. A sumptuous brunch awaited us at the park itself, a treat for the hungry stomachs after a long walk. Everything was so thoughtfully done with lots of love and care. A big thanks to Mother Nature for a morning like this, filling us with serenity. A note of gratitude welling inside for Singapore’s National Parks Board for having, so thoughtfully, made these board walks at vantage points.

As the All India Magazine message echoed “The first thing one learns on the way is that the joy of giving is far greater than the joy of taking. Then gradually one learns that to forget oneself is the source of immutable peace. Later on, in this self-forgetfulness, one finds the divine, and that is the source of an ever-increasing bliss.” - The Mother.

- Jaishree Venkat

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