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THERE is a great difference between being in the midst of active work, of external action, while keeping one’s thought constantly fixed on Thee, and entering into that perfect union with Thee which leads to what I have called “absolute Consciousness, true Omniscience, Knowledge”. - The Mother

Walking with Grace

Grace is the gift from the Divine. To receive the Divine Mother’s Grace we need to be humble. We are incomplete without the Divine’s Grace. The Mother’s Grace is constant. The definite way to get the Grace is unconditional surrender.

A sadhak in the ashram went to the Mother with severe tooth pain. The Mother looked at him and gave him a slap. He was shocked at the Mother’s action, but in seconds his tooth pain had vanished. Similarly, when we pray for a problem to be solved we should not expect the problem to be solved as per our way. We should learn to accept answers given by the Mother. We can always pray in the Mother’s words: “May Thy will be done”. (recollected from a reading on “Vignettes by Sri Aurobindo and The Mother”).

In another incident a devotee was travelling by train; he always carried Mother’s or Sri Aurobindo’s books. When the train halted in a station he got down to buy a bottle of water. When he came back he realized that he had left the book which he was carrying in the platform shop, he immediately jumped down from the train and went to get his book by then the train had already left he tried to catch up but he couldn’t after a minute he thought to himself maybe this is also Mother’s wish. After 15 minutes he came to know that the train he missed had met with an accident and nobody managed to survive. Now it was clear to him on why Mother had made him miss the train.

The same devotee reported back to duty after a long tour and was asked to go to his corporate office on the same day, without any specific reason. He was upset but obeyed his manager’s instruction and went to the corporate office. The next day he came to know that there was a major labor problem in his office, and if he had been there he would have had to face the whole problem. He thanked the Mother for saving him from uncalled for trouble. When we surrender ourselves deeply and completely to the mother our problems shall be solved without any doubt. (recollected from a reading from an old Tamil Magazine)

Another devotee lent some money to his friend. His friend seemed to be very honest and he gave a bond saying he would return the money as early as possible. Time passed and there was no sign of the friend giving back the money the devotee reminded him several times, but there was no response. The devotee consulted some of his friends on serving a legal notice. There was no positive response for this, hence he started surrendering the issue to the Mother. He realized that it was his fault and not his friend’s because he had more faith on the bond and filing a case to get his money back than to surrender to Mother. As soon as he realized his mistake he apologized to the Mother. The next day morning he got a phone call from his friend saying for some reason he could not return the money and now he wants to settle the amount by giving rice bags and as told he settled the amount by sending equivalent rice bags the same evening. The devotee was speechless. (Personal anecdotes)

This shows us that if we trust ourselves and our actions, we are sure of falling. Instead we can keep ourselves open and leave everything to the Mother.

“Grace flows from The Mother like rays from the Sun”.
- Sharadha

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