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Like a flame that burns in silence, like a perfume that rises straight upward without wavering, my love goes to Thee; and like the child who does not reason and has no care, I trust myself to Thee that Thy Will may be done, that Thy Light may manifest, Thy Peace radiate, Thy Love cover the world. - The Mother

September - October Sunday Activities at the Centre – A glimpse

September 20thQuarterly committee meeting and Savitri with Huta’s Visuals:

From 4.30pm to 5.30pm AGM was conducted successfully with a good number of committee members attending.

Savitri with Huta’s visuals: Book Eleven, The Book of The Everlasting Day.
Canto 1, The Eternal Day: The Soul’s Choice and The Supreme Consummation, Pictures 10 to17

September 27th – Savitri Reading Circle:

Book Eleven, The Book of The Everlasting Day - Canto 1, The Eternal Day: The Soul’s Choice and The Supreme Consummation. Pages 674-683:

Savitri sees the Death and the darkness dissolve and there gleams the lurking love of God on her front. All grace, all glory, all divinity are here focussed in one form; all adored eyes gaze through his eyes from one face; Death transformed holds all godheads in his grandiose limbs.
Savitri discovers that the creator of these marvellous worlds is the same as the one who creates this universe, the same one whom her soul has faced as Death and Night. His darkness is no more; instead there is a luminous splendour. All grace and divinity are here collected in a single form. She regards in him the Virat, the Spirit of things seen, the Hiranyagarbha, author of thoughts and dreams.
Behind both the Virat and the Hiranyagarbha — their secret cause — stands a third Purusha, the Prajna. His is a massed superconscience, wrap in himself, with closed eyes. He broods in his omniscient sleep and creates all things.
He is dormant in the atoms and in the burning star. He is asleep in all forms, god, man, beast, stone. Because he is there within it, the Inconscient does its work faultlessly. And because he is there indwelling, the world does not die. Of the circle of God, he is the Centre; he is also the circumference within which Nature moves. His is a creative slumber that is the pervading might of God in all things, Awake; he is the Eternal, the Supreme.
All powers were woven in countless concords here.
The two look upon each other; Savitri’s Soul sees Soul of death.
Then like an anthem rising from the luminous cavern of the heart, a voice soars up whose enchanting sound can change the painful weeping of suffering earth into sobs of rapture and her cry into a happy song of the spirit.
As a messenger of the confident felicity of her heart, a smile gently ripples across her wide eyes, like the first beam of the morning sun rippling along two awakened lotus-pools.
(Sourced from Collected works of Sri Aurobindo)
Since the meditation was on the same canto, the summary is combined.

October 4th – Reading from AIM Magazine:

Mantra (Rhythmic word of the Infinite)
In the theory of Mantra, Mother says the Sound always has more Power than most of us think. Uttered with right aspiration brings positive effect. Even wishing someone “Good Day” with a will and aspiration will make it concrete and more effective than greeting casually.
I found this magazine very enlightening, bringing more awareness on the usage of our speech. Mother gives a detailed explanation on the source power that come into words.
Next in the passage by Ramakrishna Das in “The Arduous Path of Transformation becomes Easy by the Japa of Ma” the author says that Sanskrit letter  (M) is the bija (seed-syllable) for Chandra the moon. Chandra contains amrita, divine nectar and is cooling and peaceful.

It is the embodiment of Bliss. Sanskrit letter  (A) to the letter  (M), one gets the word Ma.  (A) is the seed syllable for Agni, the purifying spiritual fire for three types of our karma. Sanchita karma (the results of actions from previous lives),kriyamana (the results of actions from this life) and prarabdha (the present destiny) –will be burnt away by the japa of Ma.

October 11th - Readings from “Questions and Answers, 1956”, The Mother - Volume 8- pages 93 to 95:
In the first passage we read, the Mother talks about the number “12.”
She says that in the very old tradition, even before the Vedic tradition there was a belief that “If twelve men of goodwill unite and call the Divine, the Divine is obliged to come”.
But only the number 12 cannot do the magic! It is what kind of united aspiration the 12 people had. And also it is a superstition to think that always when the 12 people of same good will pray the Divine will descend.
In the next question, “How can one understand the Divine and how can we find the Divine within ourselves” 
Sri Aurobindo says that we are already THAT in our secret nature.
It is because He is the very essence of our being that we can become Him and consequently understand Him; otherwise it would be impossible.
To realise Him, the aspiration and preoccupation should be constant and not a half hour pass time! Mother says that our silent aspiration can give us the most precious gifts!
Reading and writing all these glimpses help me to bring and see more of divine in my otherwise mundane routine!

-          Jayalakshmi

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