Guiding Light of The Month

In this immense heroic struggle, in this sublime struggle of love against hatred, of justice against injustice, of obedience to Thy supreme law against revolt, may I gradually be able to make humanity worthy of a still sublimer peace in which, all internal dissensions having ceased, the whole effort of man may be united for the attainment of a more and more perfect and integral realisation of Thy divine Will and Thy progressive ideal. - The Mother

Joy of Change

I am a little, a very little creature. Just a speck in this whole wide world. I move around in sand, among the trees and plants. I wiggle through my body and move. I eat the leaves and sleep in a small hole on trees. A spray of black covers me and I have little strings point out of me.

One sweet day, while I was moving slowly through the leaves, I saw a very pretty one. It had a spread of colours and different shades. As if a painter had consciously spread colours on it. It had little wings, was hopping from one flower to another. It merged with the flowers and looked like them. It added colour to this beautiful world. I was amazed and admired the little lovely creature. I was keenly looking at it, and with a side eye, I think it saw me too. I took a step forward; it tapped its wings and flew away.

I went ahead in search of food, ate the leaves I found. I went around and spotted more colours, and each colour reminded me of the little creature I saw in the morning. I wondered at its beauty….

Next day, I woke up and felt fresh, a little different and went ahead wiggling among the plants. I found a big tree and decided to climb that tree. There were leaves of all sizes, I ate a few. And one leaf, looked very special to me. I went ahead and touched it. And after that, a magic happened.

I remember a few and I don’t remember a few. I stayed within the leaf for a long time and when I emerged, I was not the same. Inside the leaf, safe inside the leaf, many different things happened. Layers of thick material enveloped me; I felt myself crush inside it, made into a liquid and crossed many stages. It was painful, pressing me at times. Slowly I started enjoying it. I was sure I am going to grow into something beautiful.

One day, the leaf opened. I felt sunshine falling on me. And with a slight shake, I felt wings, colourful wings on me. I tapped them and flew towards the Sun. Happy and spreading cheerfulness to this whole bright world. As in a beautiful dream…They call me a butterfly.

How does something as small and blatant as a caterpillar turn into something as vivid as a butterfly? What mystery happens inside the leaf that does the change? Can we connect with that music and feel how interconnected our world is….the magical change that happens, full of happy providence inside the cocoon?

- Sandhya

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