Guiding Light of The Month

It is the harmony of boundless Love, Love victorious over all suffering and all obscurity. By this law of Love, Thy law, I want to live more and more integrally; to it unreservedly I give myself. And all my being exults in an inexpressible Peace. - The Mother

Question of the month

Q: Mother, would you please define in a few words what you mean essentially by “free progress”?

A:  The Mother: A progress guided by the soul and not subjected to habits, conventions or preconceived ideas.

Q: What are the rules of conduct You consider indispensable in our community?

A:  The Mother: Patience, perseverance, generosity, broad-mindedness, insight, calm and understanding firmness, and control over the ego until it is completely mastered or even abolished.

The Mother Says:
”If the education of the vital is carried far enough, with perseverance and sincerity, there comes a time when, convinced of the greatness and beauty of the goal, the vital gives up petty and illusory sensorial satisfactions in order to win the divine delight.”

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